Can’t share or like someone to good health

Quit kidding yourself folks. Quit doing something to make yourself feel good when you can do something that matters. There is no way in hell you can share or like someone to good health. It doesn’t matter if a post gets a million likes…. nothing happens. Share it on every country. .. still nothing. You want to do something positive get down on your knees and pray. Don’t pray? Medatate or what’s the sissy thing folks say, “positive thought” Yea do that and you will be miles ahead of social crap.
These post are the 1980s version of a chain letter or the 1990s chain email. You forwarded that one email to 10 people and we’re did that get you? It got you on a shit list.

Please, please, please if you see someone in need please stop and take a second to pray.

I’m working down my list of thank you cards for folks who took time to pray of me and my family during my battle with cancer. Thank you and sorry for your soar knees.

Rant complete,

Light weight.

It has been a while since I have stepped up on the body fat counter. I was suprised I had gotten back to 16% body fat. I’m guessing 30+ minutes everyday on the bike is a good thing. I have been working to increase protein intake and build up some muscle.

Since I have pulled away from most processed foods I have unloaded a few fatty pounds. I thank my wife Kendra for the great dinners that keep me on track. Thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are amazing.


Derrick Perrin weight stats on January 20, 2016

Derrick Perrin weight stats on January 20, 2016

Don’t be a wussy dad

Don’t be a wussy dad

Would you wear your wife’s shoes? How about her bra? No I didn’t think so. Then why in the hell would you wear your wife’s kids carrier? If it is because some ladies think its sexy then you have a problem. You know what your wife thinks is sexy? Your wife likes it when you lessen her load. Take the kid and bear the weight.
When our first child was born we looked at picking up a backpacking kid carrier. Too much for a family trying to make it in the free lance video production world. Kid 2 and still not kid pack. We did have the Target bought mommy pack and I tried putting our kid in it. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m crushing my kid. It doesn’t feel safe to have my kid in the carrier and on my body.

dp kelty pathfinder 3

Christmas 2015

We purchased a Kelty Pathfinder kid carrier. I’m extremely happy with this product. The build is great and tough. My kid loves it. I once had a dog that would bring her leash to me and drop it at my feet. With out talking I get the message, hey lets go for a walk. My daughter sends me the same message but in her own way.  When at home my daughter will setup the pack and climb in.

kid in pathfinder with sun shade - kelty

Happy on the trail

The pack can hold the little one and about 15 more pounds. It feels great on my body and I feel like that it holds her perfeclyt. I’m impressed Kelty made a product that adjusts so well to the adult and also to the kid who is riding along. I have a 6’5″ frame and feel very comfortable wearing this pack. With a flip of a Velcro patch and pull of a pin the pack goes from my back to my wife’s. When its time to stop and take a break you can stand the pack on its own. Baby can eat and drink from the stand alone position.


Night night sleep tight

When I’m doing all the work on the trail I can work up a thirst. The Pathfinder has a place for a bladder and drinking tube throughput. When little one gets tired she racks out and gets rest. She sleeps safe and sound locked in the pack. Thanks again to the folks over at Kelty for making great gear to keep my little one safe out on the trail or on the hike around town.
PS I do change diapers and I don’t have a pink girly diaper bag. Stand up for yourself men. Go be a manly dad.

pathdinder kid smile

I’m a piece of shit

Tales from the childhood

We grew up outside of Corpus Christi. The town is spread out and Annaville was a 25 minute drive from any sort of fun. When me and my buddies turned 16 we had access to all the fun. Most weekends we would count up our change and head to Super Track Grand Prix. It was the go-cart track located on North Beach. After a night of racing we would buzz through downtown on our way back to Annaville. We were famous for driving by someone on the street and hollering out nonsense. It was always just random crap. To us it was harmless fun. To the guy who stepped out of the Omni hotel it was, uh, something else. We thought he was just standing on the street but he was actually moments away from being picked up.
In short we yelled at the wrong dude.
We were quickly in a car chase. We were the ones trying to get away. From downtown we ran uptown and then we hit a red light. To stay out of trouble I stopped at the light that had changed. I slammed it in reverse and nothing. I fumbled as this big ass specimen stepped out and yelled “What the fuck did you say?” We tried to play it cool. The only thing Danny yelled was “Hey man, nice job!” After my 3rd apology in 10 seconds I got the idea an apology would not be accepted. He then said, “You are a piece of shit. Now tell me you are a piece of shit” so I answered with the best “I’m a piece of shit!” I could belt out. Guessing by his returning to his car I had passed the test. It was official I was a piece of shit. We b-lined it for the house so we could go clean our under britches.
So if you ever find yourself in a jam and need out, just proclaim you are a piece of shit and you just might go free.


Hardrock company photo

Bike packing and future adventure

What is bike packing?

Best put it is the combination of mountain bicycle riding into the wilderness loaded down with backpacking gear. Over the last few years the concept has infected many. There are now off-road races that are timed using month long calenders in place of a stop watch. These are races that don’t allow support. No wimpy Tour de France team racing next to you and handling you food and water. Nope, just a rider and the gear that rider is willing to carry.

And yes, this is something I’m wanting to do.

My rookie sEason -2016

I live near the coast and have a 3 hour drive to get into the Texas hill country. Training in a town at sea level and fat makes things difficult but not impossible. Part of training is knoladge and another is mental. I know you think I’might mental for being excited to ride into the mountains with no support. You have to train for bear attacks and lighting strikes and become a bicycle mechanic. Well one of 3 is something one must study. Getting deep in the woods on a bike is great. Having to hike that distance with a gimpy bike is not great.


The big goal is the Tour Divide race from Canada to Mexico. This is the race I wish to ride but need to build up to it. The beauty of the bike packing events is thee is no qualifying criteria and no burden to race with the best racers in the world.

When you hit the trail you are tracked by satellite. A rider can ride the day of the main race or can do an individual time trial (ITT). These satellite timed results are compared to other racers of the same year.

What races to ride

A few races have my attention right now.

The Arizona Trail 300 starts close to Mexico and runs close to Phoenix. It’s big brother is the AZT 750. Basically take the 300 and add 450 miles and a climb into and out of the Grand Canyon. Once you hit Utah you are done. Top contenders I’m these races complete the adventure in 2 and 8 days respectfully.

Next, the Colorado Trail. This is the 500 off road trail from Durango to Denver. You can also run it the other direction. Most races will alow you to do that.

There are some other day long races that look fun.

So my next thing to do is get the lungs in shape, upgrade the bike, and take a wilderness cpr class. I get to ride at San Angelo State Park often. If someone wants to go out and train let me know.

Other adventure

I’m very interested in hiking the Lone Star Trail. I’m only wanting to hike it because they have banned bikes from the trial. It runs for about 100 miles in the Big Thicket National Forest. Check it out in east Texas.

-Derrick Perrin

Vetiver Coffee Drink

Making Coffee

When it comes to coffee I don’t discriminate. Solid black, half and half with coffee and half and half, espresso, mocha, honey, no honey, and decaffeinated. Only rule is it must be organic.  I got into locally roasted coffee after I was gifted an Areopress coffee maker.

Blendtech blender holding coffee beans

Add oil and grind

Years back I bought a blendtec blender and have been an advocate for green smoothies. The owner of blendtec shows off all the non food items his blender can handle. We are very happy to grind our coffee in ours. When we are grinding we often add dōTERRA essential oil.

Adding Vetiver to coffee beans

Vetiver Yum

The past few years I have mixed different oils into my coffee beans. Today I tried Vetiver from Doterra. I like the taste of the oil so I figured it would be worth the test. I think it was. I ran about 4 drops in my one cup grind and it was strong enough for me.

Vetiver Coffee ground up

Other Oil

Vetiver is not the first oil I have had success with. Here are others to think about.

  • Peppermint
  • Cassia
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
15ml bottle of Vetiver viewed in the handle of a coffee mug

Other Ways

Before you ruin coffee beans you can do a test run using the areopress. When you place your grounds in add 2 drops of oil and mix them into the dry coffee. Let it set for a minute before you go with the rest of the brewing process. Share and enjoy your fresh cup of joe.

Some of the benefits of Vetiver have been published as:

The health benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, nervine, sedative, tonic and vulnerary substance.

There are also many health benefits to drinking coffee. It would be great to see a study based on these two working together to make you calm yet alert. So get to work on that and let me know how it comes out.

Back to the kitchen for another coffee treat and to do more research on using doterra oils in a culinary way. My first attempt to add cilantro to chili only bombed because I’m one of those folks who thinks cilantro taste like soap. Hope you enjoined the idea of adding oil to your coffee and let me know if you find any combinations that work well for you.
-Derrick Perrin

Inverted Aeropress Coffee Maker

A Blue mug full of dark coffee

In this video clip I show you how I like to press coffee using my aeropress coffee maker. Thanks for watching me make coffee.

Frank Lloyd Wright Origami Chair

Back in 2006 my wife and I went to Las Vegas for wedding video training. This was a long road trip with a few sweet stops. We stopped by Frank Lloyd Wright’s western headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was the first time for me to sit in a Frank Lloyd Wright Origami Chair. The other name for the seat is the “upholsterer chair”

One day I would love to own a pair of chairs like this. The comfort factor was nice.

J. D. Wallace & Co. Table Saw

Years ago, I think 2006 I bought a table saw on Ebay. It is a J.D. Wallace & Co Universal Saw. It is a 10 inch table saw.

This post is here to share images from my restoration and use of the saw today. It had been my shop saw for over 9 years and running.

Thanks for reading.

Derrick Builds – Do It yourself projects

For years I took things apart. A lot of those things never made it back together. These were not a total loss they were educational opportunities. After all those years of destroying things I’m now in the mode of building. Woodworking had always been a hobby of mine. I’m a big fan of the Its a site that combines electronics and machining into great project you can do yourself. Post cancer treatments I have found a therapeutic value to tinkering in the shop. You get the idea that I’m not going to be around forever, but some of the things I build can last a lot longer than I.Igus motorized slider by Derrick Perrin

Video slider parts by Igus

Igus leaner bearing slide rails. 20-80mm and a 10-80mm rails.

I have been working on a linear slider for my video camera for a few years now. I built a big one with Igus 20-80mm rail. That one was over 5 feet long and worked beautiful. I put motors on it with the help of
After years of lugging the big slider around I found myself using smaller and smaller cameras. The smaller camera means I can run a lighter rail.
Sony FS-100 sitting on a Igus zaza slider setup
I’m also starting a you-tube channel for my efforts. Please head over to my page and subscribe. The next plan is to build a CNC cutting machine for plywood. View this video to see what I want to build:

Let me know if you want to help out with cost and I will build you something in return.