Month: August 2014

Great M.D. Anderson Trip

Hey there fans!

Thanks again for all your support. On Thursday I went to Wimberley, Texas and met an amazing doctor who has us taking our green smoothie diet and super charged it to the max. Let me put it in perspective. I have done anything to get away from Broccoli for the past 32 years. Today I put some in my breakfast smoothie. So after getting out of his office we changed plans (we have been doing a lot of that lately). We got the call from M.D. Anderson that everything started at 7:00am and went from there.

Blood work was then followed up with a needle biopsy. That is the process of using a needle to remove some effected bone. That bone would be ass bone. Everyone at the hospital was great and if they liked my jokes and sarcasm or not they laughed and shared great smiles.  Andy Peal also showed up to push my wheelchair around. Thanks for being there man. You have always been family.

Andy Peal helping out



Wednesday is the day

We will be going back to Houston and talking with the doctors and finding out what this hip limp is all about. Its simply amazing that I got into M.D. Anderson on day cancer day 3.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I know there are a lot of you who have offered a lot. We thank you for all that. We have more than we need right now, but you will be needed in the future.

Derrick Perrin

Life could be worse.


Well you think you have it tough and that you hate your job. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing you are the first responder to this notice.

Have a good day

Day 4 Morning Update

We made it to M.D. Anderson in Houston this morning. Thursday fit in with this week keeping the hectic theme in place.

So I visited with a doctor in Wimberley on Thursday. Kendra the three kids and my mom were there for that outing. In the afternoon we got the call to be in Houston at 7am. So here I sit waiting for lab work. Later today I’m set to have a biopsy of my hip tumor. Wednesday of next week I’m back here in Houston for the results.

Thanks for the prayers
-Derrick Perrin

Swing time


So I’m on my way to M.D. Anderson on Friday.. well we are on the road now. I’m setup for my party at 7am.

Today I got to swing and laugh like a little boy.


And it was a joy to see my wife’s beautiful smile. I love her.

Big Bend Nations Park - The Window

I Have

Well folks I just wanted to let you know what I have.

Perrin Family at Sophie's Birth

Perrin Family at Sophie’s Birth

I have an amazing family

I have friends that just wont stop (even if you want them)

I have people praying for me that I have never met

I have doctors scheduling and waiting for my arrival at M.D. Anderson (sometime in the next few days)

And I have a God who created me and knows the what, where, and how of everything around me.

I also have a tumor in my right hip/pelvis area that showed up on my MRI last week.  So if I have ever been a pain in your ass the favor has been returned and I now have a pain in my ass.  On great days I walk with a limp.  The MRI/CT Scan report came back saying,

“Given the patient’s age and appearance, differential considerations would be led with multiple myeloma/plasmacytoma, lymphoma or sarcoma.”

So yea if none of those sound fun it is because they are not. After speaking with Gloria Ragan she said the blood work is steering away from sarcoma. She lost her son to Osteosarcoma this past year and has been an amazing resource. Her son James was simply amazing and although I only knew him for 2 years and being 16 year younger he had an amazing perspective on life and is a role model on how to treat others. Jams, thank your for sharing a part of your live with me.

Today if you ask me how I’m doing you can expect me to start crying. I don’t think its because I’m stopping to think about what we are facing, but the fact everyone is showing me so much love and compassion. I would have never expected it in a million years.

Giant Letters spelling LOVE

I feel like I don’t deserve it, but I thank you so much for all the love in support. As I’m writing this now I have to stop, wipe tears, and blow the nose.

I’m ready to start this fight and I know I have one hell of a team around me. I will try to keep you posted with the progress and how things are going.

Thanks for the prayers



Today I had an MRI to find out what is going on with my hip. I have had some pain and muscular issues for a few months now.

I also had a cortisone injection for extra fun. They man giving me the shot was great. No pain at all.

I look forward to getting my results and getting my leg back to normal.

Kendra’s Smoothie jars rock


Kendra’s new way of preparing and storing smoothies is perfect.
Just empty jar & bag + liquid of you choice and you have a quick smoothie.

Thanks awesome wife.

Yoakum Trash


Yoakum, Texas I don’t think you have a grasp on what recycling is. If a refinery dropped this much oil on the ground the E.P.A would slap them with a huge fine. Why are you enabling you citizens to do this? When it rains where does this oil go?


I would quit recycling if this is how bad it makes a city look.


Maximizing my Tripod


I’m on an interview shoot today and find myself out at a cemetery. Remember, we get paid to tell the entire story ?  So once upon a time there was a Dryer, TX and I’m shooting video near there today. I came with the interview tripod and now need my low profile tripod. I find the Sony F’S 100’s philosophy of giving you a tripod mount on each side of the camera very nice. With a flip of the plate I found a new way for my Tripod to rest on 3 legs/arms.

Photo of a Buffalo's DriveStation U35SHF3-AA USB 3.0 - SATA - Broken

Why we triple backup – Buffalo hard drives box break

Buffalo hard drives have been the choice for our data at work. When we started to buy their drives it was the only manufacture I could find that were assembling the boxes in Texas. Yes, we knew all the components were coming from China, but we liked the fact someone sitting in Austin, Texas was putting it all together and paying attention to the finishing touches. At that point the only drawback was the fact Buffalo Inc could not tell you what hard drive was in the enclosure. Some were Western Digital Green drives and others were Segate. Most were 5400 RPM some were 7200 RPM. All the tech guys I talked to let me know that W.D. Green drives suck. When I let them know I run triple backups and one of those is not a green drive the said, “that is great man.” So over a three to four years we have purchased 12 drives from Buffalo at our local Altex Electronics store.

This week 2 hard drive boxes have died – Bummer, but we have backups!

Buffalo's DriveStation hard drive # Model HD-LB2.0TU3 and 10 others stacked up. One is open and you can see the USB to SATA adapter.

10 plus Buffalo DriveStation hard drives in a row

After two years of buying Buffalo hard drives we noticed a change.  The company chose to have all the boxes put together in China.

Buffalo - Made in China
Buffalo also went with external USB 3.0 Micro B connection.


So over the last few years we have been a big fan of the computer hard drive company Buffalo. This week we are still proud owners of Buffalo Inc.’s drives. We are not happy that two of our external hard drive boxed have died. The electrical parts have failed. When this happens you can crack the case open and pull the drive.  One of our dead boxes lives inside out pc and the other is now handing out in a BlacX external drive bay.

BlacX 5G HDD Docking Station

So if we do the numbers of loosing 2 buffalo hard drives each week we will be cracking cases and saving drives for 6 weeks. Off to the net to look for a rack or bay that can hold a lot of drives.

-Derrick – feeling nerdy today. Happy to have backups of backups.