Month: September 2014

Pic Line is good to go

Me and the little family came up to Houston late Monday night. The kids were stoked at how nice the Crown Plaza was. They treat MD Anderson Cancer patients really nice. Kendra dropped my off at the complex and ran the kids off to the zoo. I had my pic line checked out and its all good. Happy times in IV land.

I have some video editing work to get done so I’m passing on the zoo and jumped up to the top observation deck and making that puppy my office today.

Working at the observation viewing area at MD Anderson, Houston, Texas

Working at the observation viewing area at MD Anderson, Houston, Texas

The purple airplane

Here it is folks. Here is me reason for coming to Houston today. We are checking to see if the little purple airplane that crashed into my arm is doing well.

image of a picline

Pic Line

Kendra and the kids are at the zoo today. I will shoot a video update later today.

Shots – Twice daily

If you don’t like watching people get shots then don’t watch the clip below. Other folks want to know what I’m doing daily. Here is me taking my blood thinner.

Thanks for watching.

Alan Berg is one cool dude


Since coming up with this cancer gig I have been working from the road and shooting from the hip. I don’t get by the studio often but when I do I have nifty gifts. The photo above is a book shipped to me by the author, Alan Berg. Mr Berg has been a big help to my business over the last few years. We do a lot of video production at Big Box Pro and a fair amount is wedding video and selling to brides.
I’m not sure if you noticed but I’m not a bride and since I gave up drinking for cancer I don’t think you have will ever see me in a wedding dress. So I go out side the Big Box when it comes to marketing ideas and support. Alan Berg has been a great source for bridal marketing goods and information.
I was shocked by his sweet kind heart and act of sending me a positive attitude book. His book is called “Your Attitude for Success” Amazon it if you would like a copy of your own, or send it off to someone who might need it. Its things like that make a positive difference in the world.
Have I read the book, no not beyond the opening and first chapter. I packed it with my suplaments that travelled to MD Anderson. I had good intentions of reading during down time. That did not happen. What did happen was a good positive thought passed through my brain each time I opened my box and was reminded of Alan’s gift. It made the trip and back to our home in Corpus Christi.
Kendra is reading it today and I’m on it once she completes the read.

Thanks again to Mr Alan Berg for doing something he didn’t have to. It has been like Christmas around here with all the Amazon and FedEx drops at the house. Books, supplements, food and get well cards have all added to the success of life right now.

Much love,
Derrick Perrin

MDA Giftshop


They sale a lot of great things in the gift shop, but this cool sticker is not one of them. To get one of these you have to go in for a few days of iv fun.

Going to Houston and were going to have a good time

So we are packing for a trip to MD Anderson and we are taking the kids with us to Houston.

The doctors in Lymphoma say clots are common but want me to have it checked out just for fun. So we are headed to Houston and will be back in Corpus Christi late on Tuesday.

I’m shooting a commercial on Wednesday in Corpus Christi and then will be shooting a pharmaceutical video in San Antonio on Thursday. This is looking like it will be a good week…. well minus the blood clots in my arm.

We will keep you posted.

Fun words from doctors notes

Here is a section I’m going to post in. These are the words from the doctors reports. Some of you might wan more technical info so here it is.

1. A bulky right hip mass with a pathological fracture, with the epicenter at the level of the acetabulum, with a significant extraosseous skeletal soft tissue component. Some of the sclerotic changes of the right ilium could be associated with ischemia or post treatment change. A clinical correlation is recommended.

And here is another fun one:

Musculoskeletal: Intensely hypermetabolic osteolytic mass lesion in the right iliac bone involving acetabulum and ischial tuberosity with mild adjacent soft tissue density. The lesion demonstrate SUV of 23.2. Two metabolically active right internal iliac lymph nodes noted measuring 2.1 x 1.2 cm with SUV of 5.9 and 1.3 x 1.2 cm with SUV of 3.9 (image 223 and 230). Other metabolically active lymph node is noted in the intramuscular plane around right hip joint measuring 1.2 x 0.9 cm with SUV of 4.8 (image 226).

Abdomen and Pelvis: Physiological distribution of tracer is noted in the liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands and kidneys. The gallbladder is present. No abnormally enlarged or metabolically active abdominal lymphadenopathy.

I’m so happy that with all the technology I have been scanned with they were able to tell me “The gallbladder is present”

And from my biopsy

Core Biopsy: A(n) 14 gauge needle was used to obtain samples for surgical pathology evaluation. A total of __ samples were obtained.

If you see a blank in there it is because they left it blank.

So those were a few items that were of interest. The Bulky Right Hip Mass is what was making me limp.

That is all for now. Back to MD Anderson on Monday.

2 clots can’t keep me down.

Sorry for not updating you sooner. I’m ok and lived to enjoy my family another day. We did, and still do, have a major concern regarding my right arm. I have an IV line that was set to stay in me till the end of all my chemotherapy rounds. We have been carefully flushing and caring for it since we left MD Anderson.  Two days ago a few spots in my arm got soar. I grew up trying to be tough but life with cancer doesn’t afford me the opportunity to take one for the team and keep trucking. Any little issue is a big issue in my life. So I checked my pride at the door and went to the minor emergency center to be examined. They had concerns and bounced me for a sonogram. The sonogram tech can’t say anything but the way the scan went I could tell something was not right. They bounced me back to the urgent care clinic and they to the ER. The ER folks differed to MDA and after a while I got a blood thinning shot in the gut and a prescription to have 2 per day till I get my line checked at MD Anderson. 

So my blood is working at anticoagulation. We hope this reduces the clots and won’t lead to the clot moving to another location. I shoot up morning and night to make all this happen. I had to get over the fear associated with jabbing a sharp needle into my tummy fat and pushing a drug. Once you realize it is tummy shot or more blood clots you stick it and forget it.

So it’s somewhat normal now in Perrin Land. We were not planning on a trip to Houston till chemotherapy time, but it looks like we will be there on Monday. Plans are for me to get the pic line pulled and then catch up with Kendra and the kids at the Houston Zoo. We might make it to the Big Thicket on Tuesday if things go well. If we plan anything than being in Houston often our plans get tossed out the window and we are needed back in Houston.

Hope this fills you in. If cancer was only about taking your medication and eating right this would be easy. You have medication for you medications and a big road of unknown hurdles you have to jump. You don’t know when or if you will start to have side effects. Just a lot to learn and there is no manuals for me.

New band


So I’m feeling rock steady for 2 days and now I’m back in a medical facility. I was feeling a little discomfort in my right arm so I went to the minor emergency clinic. They bounced me to a sonogram and now to th ER. This ER is calling the MD Anderson ER to coordinate what needs to be done.

Will try to keep you posted.

New arm discomfort

This afternoon I had to call MD Anderson because my pic line IV thing was a bit soar. I have now been to the minor care clinic and am currently sitting in Radiology Associates waiting on my sonogram reaults. I will keep you posted. It is just a reaction to my pic line or it could be a blood clot.