Swing time


So I’m on my way to M.D. Anderson on Friday.. well we are on the road now. I’m setup for my party at 7am.

Today I got to swing and laugh like a little boy.


And it was a joy to see my wife’s beautiful smile. I love her.

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One observation on “Swing time
  1. Pamela Landers

    Hey Derrick ~ Pretty ironic, but I just spotted an awesome hammock in the background of these beautiful photographs. Hmmm, I’m thinkin’ that’s a definite sign to my previous message to you on your “I Have” thread, and it is just exactly what I had envisioned. Nice and comfy and even room for one more. 😉

    Hang that hammock on a couple of palm trees and stick ’em in the sand! Visualization will induce relaxation which will in turn, bring you a ton of relief. Start practicing son! The more you practice the easier it gets to reach your “safe place!” God bless….