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Light weight.

It has been a while since I have stepped up on the body fat counter. I was suprised I had gotten back to 16% body fat. I’m guessing 30+ minutes everyday on the bike is a good thing. I have been working to increase protein intake and build up some muscle.

Since I have pulled away from most processed foods I have unloaded a few fatty pounds. I thank my wife Kendra for the great dinners that keep me on track. Thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are amazing.


Derrick Perrin weight stats on January 20, 2016

Derrick Perrin weight stats on January 20, 2016

Perrin Cacncer 11.03.2014 Brazos Bend SP

I’m up here at M.D. Anderson for my last day of chemotherapy. Tonight concludes round 3 of 6. He have been lucky to have our family take care of the children for rounds 1 & 2. This time we have them in Houston with us.  Things are different, but I think its better to have them here.

Today we spent time hiking Brazos Bend State Park.

brazos bend state park old treeWe met a retired school teacher at the visitor center and we all got to pet a baby alligator. She was so sweet and asked if I could be added to her prayer list. You bet you lady. She was also nice enough to snap a family photo next to the oldest tree in the park. Prayers back to you sweet lady with the snakes and baby alligators.

We hiked for about 4+ miles and saw one alligator out in the wild. I love it that Kendra loves nature so much and wants to be in it as often as she can. Tomorrow we look to hike in the Big Thicket north of Houston. Wednesday I’m back at MD Anderson for a nulesta shot and then off to Corpus Christi.

Each brake is a bit worse than the previous. Keep in mind I’m accumulating chemotherapy each round. As my doctor put it I will be hit down to 90% the first time and then 90% of 90% the next. So each time my bounce back takes longer. This will be compounded by the upping of dose for round 4. Lets just say I’m probably not going to be taking long walks on the beach or hiking in the woods come round 6. We will see how far my will can go. Somewhere down the road I’m told I will need blood transfusions and other blood products. Yea, blood products… sounds fun right?

Well my battery is about to run out before my Cyclophosphamide does. The nurse acted like I get a bigger dose than the average Joe. Oh well, have a great night!

Derrick Perrin

Celebrating Benjamin’s Birthday


Saturday we celebrate Benjamin’s birthday. Last week on his actual birthday we were in Houston getting chemotherapy. He wanted to have a Buc-ee’s Beaver birthday so Kendra made that happen. On our way back from Houston we stopped off in Wharton, Texas and picked up as much party Buc-ee gear as we could find.

We will post photos of his custom made Buc-ee’s cake after he digs into it.

Take care

One rough night

So we finally made it home, got a bite to eat and crashed out. The crashing was short lived and I spent 1/2 the night in the bathroom acting as if I was a college age dunk kid. Good news is there was not a hangover. Kendra ran out and grabbed my nausea mediation and it immediately went to work. Most of today was spent in bed sipping the children’s electrolyte punch. I’m slowly adding calories via the blender.
Note to self, don’t forget to take the anti-nausea medication and life will be a beautiful place. Also noted is my wife is awesome. If you don’t have an awesome wife I would suggest you go do anything in your powers to find one. Your world will be a better place.

Thanks for reading.

The journey home

The family is back at home after 6 days apart. I would like to pass on having to do that again. So far all seems well in chemotherapy land. My body has done extremely well and is ready to tackle this week and adjusting to life post chemo. In the next 48 hours I will get a white cell booster shot. The doctor said that will make me feel like I’m getting the flu and my bones will hurt from within.

I wanted to take a second and thank my wife, Kendra, for here extra special care to not only me but out little ones. I know she must be really stressed and stretched thin right now. It was simply amazing having her at my side at M.D. Anderson.

More to come after a good round of sleep.

Meet Sophie


Sophie – Our youngest of 3. This little one is getting mobile. At 9 months she is smaller than her brothers were at that point. This is good. She has a chance at being a normal sizes human being.
Kendra has been super woman lately. Today she asked if little miss Sophie could stick around when she takes the boys to martial arts class. Sure thing super wife.

Yesterday I received a lymphatic drainage message. This was a 1 hour setup. A message to the lymph system is gentle and a huge contrast to the popular deep tissue message method. It helped get my lymph system moving and brought down the inflammation in my hip. I would recomed anyone with a sinus or head cold issue to test out a 30 minute message and see how it works for you.
Sure I still have a fracture in my acetabulum but it is manageable when the inflammation has gone away. Today started with health raw foods and then a long hot soak in Epsom salt & a drop or two of Frankincense. Yea, like the gift brought to Christ’s birth. It is good stuff and has been used for a few thousand years.
Next stop on the health train is a smoothie. I have got to figure out this Chuck Norris total gym and workout my upper body.

Thanks for tuning in. More scans at MD Anderson this Friday. Results are due back Monday. Sweet Sophie hopes you have a great day. 

Anti Cancer


Kendra is reading this book and we are very impressed.  Dr. Servan-Schreiber address questions we have kicked around for the last year or so.
Two years ago I bought Kendra a Blend Tech blender for her birthday.  We started using it and really like it. A year into ownership we saw the documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. I immediately started whole jucing. Breakfast changed from cereals or eggs to blended green mush. In 8 months I went from 250 pounds to 225. Churning up smoothies enabled me to ingest vegetables I never thought I could eat.
Enter Cancer
So after our little Sophie was born in November 2013 I started having hip issues. The doctors could not pinpoint what it was until I had an MRI this August.
Diagnosis = Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. That is the trash collection system in your body. They say it is twice the size of your blood circulation system.  I don’t really know because I have never measured either system.
My lymph system is in overdrive and the number 1 cause is toxins in my body. Enter the greener than green smoothies. Everything this book says is good for me is being blended and helping me to cleanse my systems. So all organic and all sorts of veggies I have stayed away from my entire life. One day I will get back to smoothies that taste good, but for now these are medicinal in nature. My juice fast has brought me down to 196 pounds. I have not weighed this little since 1995.
My wife is awesome for me
I really appreciate Kendra tackling so much right now. We went shopping for more organic goods last night and I was amazes by her knowledge of how to get me well.
This is also my 2nd day without Advil. I slept great but have been reminded today my hip is jacked up. Tomorrow we travel for blood work I look forward to the road trip with my beautiful family.
Go Team

Kendra’s Smoothie jars rock


Kendra’s new way of preparing and storing smoothies is perfect.
Just empty jar & bag + liquid of you choice and you have a quick smoothie.

Thanks awesome wife.

Wife Craft


Mama needs a new tube

Old rim needs new tube.
After a few weeks with my new bike I got interested in an old bike I left out at my folks house. The bike is a Trek 800 mountain bike. I bought it from a Corpus Christi pawn shop back in 2005. It was a bargain at $65. Well that was the case till I found out it needed a $35 tuneup and it had a slightly bent rim. The folks at The Pedal Bicycle Shop also laughed at me when I professed it was indeed my bike. I asked why and that started my first leson on bicycles frame size. I rode it for a few paychecks and then upgraded to a Specialized Hardrock Comp Disk 26er.

Kendra had a bike for a while and it hurt her knee to ride. After a size check it we determined it was a bad fit. So that bike was donated to the neighbor’s house. Years back Kendra rode the Trek and loved how it made her leg feel. We did nothing but store it at my folks lake house. With the kids starting their bike ridding adventure I pulled the Terk out of its dusty grave and will be tuning it up today. One major issue is a valve wont close on one of the tubes. This is no surprise. The tubes are 9 years old.
Well off to buy some new tubes and get Kendra out riding with me and the boys. Bicycle-  trek 800 sport