Anti Cancer


Kendra is reading this book and we are very impressed.  Dr. Servan-Schreiber address questions we have kicked around for the last year or so.
Two years ago I bought Kendra a Blend Tech blender for her birthday.  We started using it and really like it. A year into ownership we saw the documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. I immediately started whole jucing. Breakfast changed from cereals or eggs to blended green mush. In 8 months I went from 250 pounds to 225. Churning up smoothies enabled me to ingest vegetables I never thought I could eat.
Enter Cancer
So after our little Sophie was born in November 2013 I started having hip issues. The doctors could not pinpoint what it was until I had an MRI this August.
Diagnosis = Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. That is the trash collection system in your body. They say it is twice the size of your blood circulation system.  I don’t really know because I have never measured either system.
My lymph system is in overdrive and the number 1 cause is toxins in my body. Enter the greener than green smoothies. Everything this book says is good for me is being blended and helping me to cleanse my systems. So all organic and all sorts of veggies I have stayed away from my entire life. One day I will get back to smoothies that taste good, but for now these are medicinal in nature. My juice fast has brought me down to 196 pounds. I have not weighed this little since 1995.
My wife is awesome for me
I really appreciate Kendra tackling so much right now. We went shopping for more organic goods last night and I was amazes by her knowledge of how to get me well.
This is also my 2nd day without Advil. I slept great but have been reminded today my hip is jacked up. Tomorrow we travel for blood work I look forward to the road trip with my beautiful family.
Go Team

I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.
4 observations on “Anti Cancer
  1. Cindy Hentrich

    I am Cheering!! Keep up the good work.. You will crave these new higher phytochemical veggie smoothies after a few months. You won’t like the old ones anymore. Cancer craves and lives on sugar. Starve it to death. Praying for you.

  2. Pamela Landers

    It is my belief…you guys are on the right track! Synthetic foods are killing us via cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and the list goes on and on. ^^^Cindy Hentrich is on target too! Sugar thrives on cancer. Kill it, don’t let it get you first! I’ll continue the prayers and y’all continue making wise choices. It’s always good to have a supportive spouse. You’re a lucky guy….