Meet Sophie


Sophie – Our youngest of 3. This little one is getting mobile. At 9 months she is smaller than her brothers were at that point. This is good. She has a chance at being a normal sizes human being.
Kendra has been super woman lately. Today she asked if little miss Sophie could stick around when she takes the boys to martial arts class. Sure thing super wife.

Yesterday I received a lymphatic drainage message. This was a 1 hour setup. A message to the lymph system is gentle and a huge contrast to the popular deep tissue message method. It helped get my lymph system moving and brought down the inflammation in my hip. I would recomed anyone with a sinus or head cold issue to test out a 30 minute message and see how it works for you.
Sure I still have a fracture in my acetabulum but it is manageable when the inflammation has gone away. Today started with health raw foods and then a long hot soak in Epsom salt & a drop or two of Frankincense. Yea, like the gift brought to Christ’s birth. It is good stuff and has been used for a few thousand years.
Next stop on the health train is a smoothie. I have got to figure out this Chuck Norris total gym and workout my upper body.

Thanks for tuning in. More scans at MD Anderson this Friday. Results are due back Monday. Sweet Sophie hopes you have a great day. 

I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.
5 observations on “Meet Sophie
  1. Jayme arnold

    Derrick heard back from my herb lady in New Mexico. I’m going to send you a couple of things…… Lymphatic drainage( tastes like pancake syrup) and a mixture in a capsule called E-tea, she’s thinking this May be all you need, although I think your diet changes are a key also.can you send me a mailing address? Thanks and loved the Sophie picture and write up! Such a great family you all are!!!! Lov and prayers and keep up the good work!