derrick-perrin 11-18-1981

A foot in my tumor.

Time for a little update on life. I turn 39 next week. After having a small lump in my foot I went to have an MRI.

Results show a nerve sheath tumor that is not a Morton’s Neuroma. I’m getting transferred to a new department at MD Anderson. Looks like I have been updated to the Brain and Spine Center. If that doesn’t scare you a bit I’m not sure what will. This is all perfect timing since all Obamacare plans will pull coverage for MD Anderson starting January 1, 2017. Thanks ACA, you are awesome! I will let you know what the surgeon in the Brain and Spine department has to say about my foot. Sure hope my ass-kicking days won’t be cut short due to this tumor friend of mine.

Back to real life here.

Still been riding the mountain bike a lot. As of this week I have done 959 miles on the bike this year. If you are a Stava workout person check me out
In October I raced in a 6 hour endurance challenge. Landed in sixth place.

Derrick Perrin on a mountain bike

6 hour dinosaur race – San Angelo, Texas

derrick-perrin 11-18-1981

I have also been copying VHS to DVDs and scanning in old family photos while working on my family tree.
I was thinking of finding out who the descendants of the fella who created the 110 film format so I can go slap them.

The photos and memories are precious. So many great memories and so many people in my life I’m thankful for.

Sogo out there and have a great Thanksgiving. Give me a call if you want to catch up on life and have a cup of coffee.

-Derrick Perrin

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5 observations on “A foot in my tumor.
  1. Jody Peal

    This post gave me chills. I immediately started sending up prayers, Derrick. Don’t know what else to say except God bless!!!

  2. Jayme

    Your awsome. I love your understated humor and quirky observations. Your in my prayers as is all your family…. I hope that counts for a whole lot to the big guy above. Keep me updated❤️

  3. Deleen Stiteley

    Derrick, I’m so sorry to hear about the tumor in your foot. Kinda leaves me speechless but I’ll be keeping you & your family in my prayers. If I can ever do anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Love to all. Deleen

  4. Suzie Gomez

    You just couldn’t leave Obama out of this could you smh lol
    Just trying to make you smile! On a serious note…..prayers going your way! Stay strong mi amigo!


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