Time for a little update on life. I turn 39 next week. After having a small lump in my foot I went to have an MRI.

Results show a nerve sheath tumor that is not a Morton’s Neuroma. I’m getting transferred to a new department at MD Anderson. Looks like I have been updated to the Brain and Spine Center. If that doesn’t scare you a bit I’m not sure what will. This is all perfect timing since all Obamacare plans will pull coverage for MD Anderson starting January 1, 2017. Thanks ACA, you are awesome! I will let you know what the surgeon in the Brain and Spine department has to say about my foot. Sure hope my ass-kicking days won’t be cut short due to this tumor friend of mine.

Back to real life here.

Still been riding the mountain bike a lot. As of this week I have done 959 miles on the bike this year. If you are a Stava workout person check me out https://www.strava.com/athletes/8625592
In October I raced in a 6 hour endurance challenge. Landed in sixth place.

Derrick Perrin on a mountain bike

6 hour dinosaur race – San Angelo, Texas

derrick-perrin 11-18-1981

I have also been copying VHS to DVDs and scanning in old family photos while working on my family tree.
I was thinking of finding out who the descendants of the fella who created the 110 film format so I can go slap them.

The photos and memories are precious. So many great memories and so many people in my life I’m thankful for.

Sogo out there and have a great Thanksgiving. Give me a call if you want to catch up on life and have a cup of coffee.

-Derrick Perrin