Chemotherapy Backpack on Derrick

I’ve got a bomb on my back and its saving my life

Trying to stay cool with chemo on my back

Each 21 days I start a new 5 day cycle. Each 5 days brings be a mix of chemotherapy that is trying to kill my cancer while coming close to killing me. It took me a long time to get okay with chemotherapy and allow it to run in my veins. The picc line I have runs into my arm and across into my heart. I had an extra x-ray to make sure it had reached my heart. So chemo start to the heart and then pumped to all the other organs for it to work.

Chemotherapy Backpack on Derrick

There is the setup. 5 months of showers in plastic wrap.

Hats and chemo go hand in hand, well head in hat.

Yellow Chemotherapy BaG

When the pump line fails in the night you wake up in a pool of chemotherapy. So you pack up all your goodies that were contaminated and take them to the hospital so they can burn it all. Not fun stuff.

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