A Body In Motion

My first oncologist at MD Anderson was in the Orthopaedics department. Kendra looked at all the people there and then proclaimed,

“They all walk like you do”

Sure enough all the patients there had a limp just like I did. I could try like hell to not to limp and even on the days I thought I was walking good people would still ask me why I was limping. It seemed like there was no getting away from it. The original department put me on crutches and told me to stay off of it. Being that my first MRI, the one that caught the cancer, indicated I had a tear on my hip and a fracture of the bone I knew why I was walking funny. A few days of trekking around MD Anderson on my crutches helps lesson the inflammation in my hip. I also removed all refined food substances from my diet. That was the 1-2 punch to get me prepped and ready to pour chemotherapy on the fire.

After all the scans and test I was bounced from the Orthopaedics to the Lymphoma department. They we not so concerned about me being on crutches and so they went back to storage. Working out and pushing it was something okay-ed by my doctor here at MD Anderson. So I’m back on the bicycle and working out from time to time. On this break I will try harder to eat best and ride hard.

Take Care,

Derrick Perrin

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One observation on “A Body In Motion
  1. Michelle

    I can only imagine but I bet it feels good to workout after all you’re doing. Glad they gave you the ok. Was wondering how you had all the hike and bike energy!