That Peal Kid, Again

So from about 3rd grade on I have had a friend I just can’t get rid of. His name is Andy and he is here to stay. Today my family had the opportunity to meet up with him and his lovely wife Jill. Yea, Jill Peal, that is her name for the rest of her life. She must really like the guy to sign up for that.
I’m going out on a limb here and want to personally thank her for each and everyone of Andy’s friends. We are so thankful you took over and you are now his keeper.

Jill, God has a special place for you upstairs. Her profession is a 4th grade school teacher so she is fully capable of handling Andy on his level. All kidding aside Andy is family and he has been part of my local Houston support crew. He has been here for me, my wife, and my parents as I sit and take chemotherapy, or get scans done.

dp andy and jill peal
From left to right: Derrick Perrin, Andy Peal, Jill Peal

Lunch today was great and Benjamin and Grason both received birthday gifts. They were super pumped up.

dp andy peal copy

When sitting and waiting for chemotherapy one day Andy shared with us that he had been having a lot of head aches and was getting them checked out. Back in high-school Mr. Peal had some seizure issues but never had a true answer to his problem. During one scan the doctors found a tumor but were not concerned. Fast forward to 2014, after a scan or two his doctors showed him a picture into his head. Here, take a look:
peal head
So we all have proof of what we already knew, Andy does have a thick skull. But you can also see the 2 tumors. The bigger one is the cause of all the headaches. So he is setup for surgery with a world know surgeon. This would be the same that operated on Gabby Gifford.

So all poking aside Andy and his family need prayers. We will be praying for health and strength and for the skill of the doctors and nurses that will be in-charge of taking care of the tumor. So if you are inclined to put me on your prayer list pleas include my old friend Andy. Oh yea and say an extra one for Jill who is his master care taker.

Take care,

Derrick Perrin

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5 observations on “That Peal Kid, Again
  1. Tracy Benck

    Prayers are being sent daily to all four of you thick skulled friends. I know this isn’t easy. I went through it with my brother. Please know my heart is right there with all of you, I can’t stop thinking about all of you every damn day. I love you guys so much.

  2. Jerri Swartz

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. May God be with both of you and bring you health and happiness for many years to come.