I’m Not Superman

So as Halloween was happening all around I was setting up for my next bag of chemotherapy. Along with getting chemo I get additional drugs that help my body handle the chemotherapy. This includes Prednisone, antibiotics, and every 8 hours one pill for anti-nausea. The hospital likes to put some Zofran in my IV. I think it takes long and I just pop my pill and save myself 30 minutes a day. Take that 30 minutes over 4 days and I have saved myself 2 hours of sitting in a hospital. This sounds good unless you miss your med by 2 hours.

After the Halloween festivities the family all met up at the book store. I was not feeling well and made a deposit in the toilet. I tried to get another med in and had the same results as the previous. At this point I should have taken my pill on time and continued to feel like superman. It wasn’t till I started breaking the dosing in half then it started working for me.

Today has been a good day. I just got hooked up with me 2nd to last bag and I’m good to go to dinner with my extra family who mad it to Houston today. It was go good to have visitors and to sit down and eat with great company.

This will be a great treat.


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4 observations on “I’m Not Superman
  1. Phyllis Scott

    Up early this am and catching up on all your videos. Comment on your bike ride to Osso Bay at night… where were all the mosquitos?!!! Could not believe they were not swarming thru the video. Love the music Erase. Love that you end every video with a smile.