Derrick and Diet

Each time you eat something you might want to ask yourself is this going to help or hurt me. That is pretty much what it boils down to. The things you eat will only do those two things. So in a quest to be as health as possible I had a allergy test ran on my blood. This gave me a baseline to start my cancer diet on.

So this video is just a little update on how and what I’m doing this week. I feel really good and back to my high health diet. The chemotherapy effects have warn off and I’m headding back into the edit bay to make some clients happy.


I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.
One observation on “Derrick and Diet
  1. Dona

    Sounds like things are rocking along well. You sure are handling it all very magnificently!! We continue to pray and update others who are praying. So glad you feel good enough to have fun and remain as normal as possible! What a fantastic example you are!! We thank you for the updates, it makes all this more real to us, instead of far off and not understandable. Your explanations are informational and educational. Your music, on the other hand……….