I got my back


I’m disappointed in my medical care. I’m prescribed a protocol of chemotherapy that is engineered to kick my cancer to the curb. It is called EPOCH-R and is comprised of a drug for each letter of the acronym.

Friday – On my first 24 hour setup it dawned on me I was not given the P med. That is Prednisone for the pharmacy folks. I had to call in and get it. I take it each day. It is a steroid and assist helping the chemo kick ass. Without the P this would be useless.

Monday – I’m back at the center to hand in my back pack and have my last round of anti nausea meds ran with my one  hour of Cyclophosphamide. That is the mustard gas derivative that makes me sterile.


So today the nurse didn’t know that I was set to receive a bag of fun cycloprmo-jo-jo-pharmacide.

This marks the 2nd time during this chemotherapy run that I had to give a  reminder in order for me to stick to the protocol.  I expect better from the number 1. And for the price I should get the world.

So enough with me covering my own ass over here. Kendra and I had one heck of a day.

We went to the Herman Park and ended up in the zoo. Sure Kendra was there last week but this time I was her only responsibility. I know I had a great time and Kendra is happy she made friends with a giraffe and he came over to be pet. I will post up zoo photos later.


Today we played around taking photos with the “new to me” lens we bought this week. It was well worth the 40 bucks. It is a super zoom lens when attached to my NEX7 Sony camera.

Well enough nerd talk right now. Zoo photos will be up on Facebook later tonight. We will have some clinic time on Tuesday and then off to Corpus Christi.

Take care of yourself

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One observation on “I got my back
  1. Dona

    Most of us would not be watching what we are being given!. We would KNOW MDA is on top of it all! Good for you for being so sharp!!!! Pray you are feeling well, you sound as ornery as usual and that is terrific! The loss of eye brows also comes to us who are old of body. We apply the right shade of eye shadow, not pencil, to make them and it does the trick, as much as can be expected. How is your appetite now? Today is National Children’s Day. We love you and Kendra very much!!