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I’m a piece of shit

Tales from the childhood

We grew up outside of Corpus Christi. The town is spread out and Annaville was a 25 minute drive from any sort of fun. When me and my buddies turned 16 we had access to all the fun. Most weekends we would count up our change and head to Super Track Grand Prix. It was the go-cart track located on North Beach. After a night of racing we would buzz through downtown on our way back to Annaville. We were famous for driving by someone on the street and hollering out nonsense. It was always just random crap. To us it was harmless fun. To the guy who stepped out of the Omni hotel it was, uh, something else. We thought he was just standing on the street but he was actually moments away from being picked up.
In short we yelled at the wrong dude.
We were quickly in a car chase. We were the ones trying to get away. From downtown we ran uptown and then we hit a red light. To stay out of trouble I stopped at the light that had changed. I slammed it in reverse and nothing. I fumbled as this big ass specimen stepped out and yelled “What the fuck did you say?” We tried to play it cool. The only thing Danny yelled was “Hey man, nice job!” After my 3rd apology in 10 seconds I got the idea an apology would not be accepted. He then said, “You are a piece of shit. Now tell me you are a piece of shit” so I answered with the best “I’m a piece of shit!” I could belt out. Guessing by his returning to his car I had passed the test. It was official I was a piece of shit. We b-lined it for the house so we could go clean our under britches.
So if you ever find yourself in a jam and need out, just proclaim you are a piece of shit and you just might go free.


Rich Caldwell guitar - Brick House Recording Studio Corpus Christi

Erase – Project song by Rich Caldwell and Derrick Perrin

In the year 2000 or 2001 I was running recording sessions at The Brick House Recording Studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. I got on-board there after my band UPC had recorded there. If you ever want to get close with a group of friends I suggest locking yourself in a recording studio for a week. If you survive the week you will have friends for life. One of those friends was Richard Caldwell.

Brick House Recording Studio - UPC band

The band UPC at The Brick House Recording studio – Corpus Christi, Texas 2000

Rich was big into running live sound and I had desires of running recording sessions. We naturally hit it off and could sit and talk about transistors and resistors all day and night.  One day he called me up and wanted to hang out at the studio. We broke out the guitars, keyboard & turntables and just started messing around. At some point we decided to start recording.

Rich Caldwell - RICO on guitar at the Brick House - Corpus Christi Texas

A few hours had passed and we had the basic song layers tracked out. Rich told me to setup a microphone because he had some lyrics. So I set him up and hit record. This is what came out of his head. No lyric sheet no notes, just Rich Caldwell and a microphone in a dark room.

The next weekend he came back into the studio with me and we mixed it down. Nothing special other than a great time with a great friend.

Lyrics to Erase by Rich Caldwell & Derrick Perrin

Saving my self, Watching my room

Watching the sun chase down the moon

Cigarette burns, burns in my mind

Thought from the past leave me blind

they leave me blind


Lost in my self (my Self)

Lost it from you (from you)

Had to be quiet

Not quite what to do

Heaven away, heavens in you

lost in my mind, I think I’m with you

I think I can too.


Erase, Erase

Erase You, Erase You, Erase You, Erase You

Erase You, Erase You, Erase You, Erase You

I think I’m with you, I think


Never returns

Tables that turns

Thoughts ________

Colors they burn

Burn in my mind, burn in my mouth

Sticks to my tong ,Thinks I’m clown

Erase mind

Erase my soul

Heavens a part

I think I’m blind

I think I’m blind

I’m not sure if I nailed all the lyrics but you get the idea. If I had to guess I would have to say the song is about a breakup with a girlfriend. After all that is why Rich was free to come play at the studio on a Friday night.


I miss my time at The Brick House Recording studio. Being a recording engineer was a dream job. I was able to take people’s dreams and make them into albums. Recording music is like being a videographer, you are documenting a story.  Rich, I’m glad I saved this file after so many years. I know there are a lot of folks who loved you and would love to hear another thing you touched. Thanks for being a great friend. I can’t wait till we meet again.

-Derrick Perrin

My town – Corpus Christi


Public vs Private in Corpus Christi

Help! our public landscaping in Corpus Christi makes out town look like crap.

Public Landscape work in Corpus Christi, Texas

I don’t think Mesquite was a part of the original landscape plan.

When I travel I’m reminded how public services can work. Last week I had the privilege to work in McAllen, Texas. Despite sharing a boarder with a third world country McAllen has always been a very clean city. One of my buddies spent last weekend in McAllen and also came back impressed with this south Texas town. Next time you are in town compare the food, shopping and cleanliness.
Last week I really admired the landscaping and how sharp US-83 looked. While driving in Corpus Christi today I noticed how crappy our landscaping looked on South Padre Island Drive.

We can be better than this Corpus Christi. Right?

This is a vast contrast to what I saw in McAllen last week. The streets were clean and the landscaping looked as if it was done by a private company and not the municipal yard services. Clearly a good looking city can be done. I know there are folks in Corpus Christi who can pull this off because when I looked in the opposite direction of the mesquite tree growing on SPID and I saw Moore Plaza. The landscape beds had groomed oak trees and freshly turned mulch.
Private Landscape work on SPID in Corpus Christi Texas

So take a look and ask yourself why our city doesn’t take care of what it has before it tries to build something else?

Please Corpus Christi lets take care of the things we have spent money on before we choose to build something else that will look great when we open it and then decay due to lack of maintenance.

Viva Selena

May 1995 put me in San Antonio, Texas. I was there as a sophomore in high school participating in the annual Spanish club convention. Sure it was a bit different than my typical after school activity, but it was a day away from school and some cash for lunch each day.
Our bus had arrived at the historic Emily Morgan Hotel. Its a fancy place for a 17 year old kid. I recommend you stopping by sometime.
So one of the nights the kids were running around with a buzz containing “Selena” and a shooting. I was the person at the convention with the least amount of knowledge when it came to the Tejano Pop Princess.
The mood turned from buzz to bummer when the news hit she had passed away from the gunshot. We soon found out the shot came from her own fan club manager. If that lady’s job was to get more fans and make Selena popular then she needs a bonus for a job well done.
As the convention concludes all the kids got back home with a modern day “I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot”

It’s always a tragedy when someone passes away before their time.

Selena painting

Selena wall mural in Corpus Christi Texas

Many times folks ask “Why did this story come up” So here is the background of this post. The last two days I have been shooting video at a location next to the worst painting that was ever done of Selena. Once inside and setup for today’s video shoots we come across a lady who was pumped up about a trip this weekend to the Emily Morgan in San Antonio. So there are where the two lines crossed and pulled up the story from my high-school years.

If you are ever in Corpus Christi you can stop by her statue and her grave to take photos.

Stolen Bicycle – Specialized Hardrock Comp

After cleaning out my garage I left my 2005 HARDROCK COMP DISC bicycle next to my front door. I bought this bike from the Pedal bicycle shop in Corpus Christi on 09/30/2005. Someone took it from my property and I was crushed. That was my first new bike since I was in middle-school and I really liked it. When I worked in downtown Corpus Christi I would keep it at my office and ride around during breaks.

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

It was this color and configuration.

A tall person can ride a short bike but a short person could not fit on this tall bike. I’m sure the thief just saw something bright and shiny and made it their own. I would like that thief to bring my bike back to me.
2005 Hard Rock
Here is another image of the style of bike.