Ham Radio / Video

Since high school, I have been into radio scanning. in 1996 I bought a study guide for ham radio. I believe it was the “No-Code” edition from Radio Shack. That is the test change that let non-morse code kids get a ham ticket.

Radio Shack No-Code FCC Test Prep

It took me 21 years and Hurricane Harvey to get serious about getting my FCC license. Thanks to my wife for the surprise birthday gift! My first radio was a Baofeng walkie-talkie radio. Ham radio has been a good learning experience.

The video in this post is a combination of my video production merging with my ham radio hobby. Baofeng was looking for some product videos from youtube and we were happy to put this video together.

73s – (that is ham talk for see you later)

Derrick Perrin KG5YBU (that is ham talk for my license number with the FCC)

I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.