Patrick is in our prayers

I wrapped up chemo round 5 today at MD Anderson.

Derrick Perrin at MD Anderson


On the way to pickup the family I stopped in for a naughty snack at Chick-fil-A. The sweet lady who handed me my order asked how I was doing at the hospital. I quickly noticed I was still sporting my plastic arm band. I’m guessing the chrome dome was another dead giveaway.

She wanted to know what I have and let me know her 10 year old son also has cancer. Not 10 minutes drive down the road this lady’s son was sitting in Texas Children’s Hospital fighting off leukemia. He has has it for 3 years. I didn’t know what to say. I have been fighting for 3 months and unless something strange pops up it looks like I’m in the clear for a while.  I didn’t know if I should hug this stranger, cry, or run out the door. We traded names for prayer list and parted ways. For some reason the day I complete a chemotherapy round is always an emotional one. Patrick’s story got to me today.

So today I add 10 year old Patrick to the prayer list. He is up there with old buddy Andy Peal who is getting setup for head surgery in January.


I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.
2 observations on “Patrick is in our prayers
  1. Gilberto Cavazos

    Derrick, i think of you and the ordeal you have to go through all the time. i tell my wife that you’re about my age and tall like, me, its sad to think that you have to go through something like this. but things like these are the ones that make you strong and make family bonds even tighter. It has had a positive influence in my life. i don’t write often because even though we worked together close to 2 years we haven had any communication all these years but i did consider you my friend all the time. i have to tell you that you and your family are on my prayers, i wish with all my heart that you get better soon. that this is just something hard that you will just remember one day as one of the most difficult tests you had to live. I send you my love and best wishes my friend. thank you for allowing me to see your experience even though from far away i feel like i look at it closely because of the posts. Take care and be strong, you have so many people that love you its really awe inspiring. God Bless 🙂

    1. deeperrin

      Thanks Man,
      I enjoined the time we worked together at Best Buy.
      Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. I love your positive outlook on the situation.
      I will try to keep posting often.