My new back pack

So this is day 3 of my 2nd round of chemotherapy. This is different from my first round of chemo. Since I was such a good patient on the first round I’m able to take my chemo out of the hospital. I have a backpack that gets refilled once a day. Take a look.

Each night we drop my MD Anderson and pickup my next 24 hours of chemotherapy. They check me out and send me on my way. So I’m locked into wearing this backpack that sounds like a automatic soap dispenser. I’m still not use to having it connected to my piccl line so I often stand up and start to walk away from it and it follows me.

I get rid of the pack late Monday night. I looks like It will run till 11:30 and then I have another bag of chemo that last an hour.  By the time I get use to totting this bag around it will be gone. This is how my following rounds will be administered.

Love – Derrick

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2 observations on “My new back pack
  1. Dona

    Hi sweetie! You are lookin good! Love the not hair do, the hat and the backpack! We love all your updates and info! Continually praying for all of you. You are such a blessing with your sweet and pleasant attitude! Max said he is going to have to talk to you!
    An important note- more than 35 million pounds of candy corn is produced each autumn!!
    Hope you two have some fun in Houston.
    We love you very much!

    1. deeperrin

      We are working to keep everyone up to date. I’m sure a lot of folks would love to see something everyday and that is what we are trying to hit. Yesterday we were slacking. My parents left Houston and Kendra ran around on a date night. We ate fresh burgers and then ran off to a little coffee shop.

      The fact 35 million pounds of candy corn is produced each autumn might be the scarcest thing I have ever heard about Halloween. That is one of those candy products that one is too much, but 50 is not enough. The are horrible but you can’t stop eating them.
      We love you to.