MD Update 09.22.2014

I have a Ukelele and I’m not afraid to use it.

Yesterday I was wising I had one of my guitars with me here at M.D. Anderson. There wasn’t enough room to pack it and I’m thinking it would be too loud to play. I put out a simple post on facebook that read:
I got $50 for the first person who brings me a $40 ukulele. This hospital needs some music, and this white boy without rhythm can give it to them.
My system started working and I had one in a few hours. Thanks so much to Scott and Dawn for the visit.
Other visitors have been Pam & Peggie, DC & Debbie. Day before we had Jonathan & Tawni Flack. Andy Peal also stopped by with a Lego kit.

There are no new medical updates. I’m feeling well and have had no side effects of illness so far.
Thanks for keeping up with us and keep those prayers coming. We will be heading back to Corpus Christi on Tuesday afternoon. Things are looking great today.


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3 observations on “MD Update 09.22.2014
  1. jeter

    awesome dude….if I lived closer I would bring you one of my guitars…..love that you are keeping all this on video, or how ever you do it……I truly believe God puts us through certain things for a reason, if nothing else so that we can help others later down the road….I have no idea how or why He does some of the things He does…..but I have no doubt that He is total control!….but one day it will all make sense…..one of my fav verses is “for now we see in a mirror dimly but then we will fully know, just as we have been fully known…..” u got this D ๐Ÿ™‚