Bone fun


Today’s fun concludes with pulling bone marrow from both of my hips.  This should conclude staging my cancer. These results will help them choose the right drug for the job. Looks like CHOP or EPOCH-R are the main contenders.

Thursday we will be back here to have my long line put in and start chemotherapy. It will run for 5 days ending next Tuesday. I will have 2 weeks off and then repeat the cycle for 6 trips. Only the first trip will be a hospital stay. The 5 others will be outpatient doping.  I will keep the long line in for the 4 months I have treatments.

The most annoying part is every doctor and any cancer fighting book you read all say the same thing… get rid of stress. It seems like this place has been engineered to add and build stress. So their solution to saving lives is poison and stress. Things just don’t add up.

Freakish question during my PET scan this morning has me wondering about what they saw. They stopped the scan and asked it I had taken chemotherapy or radiation. That made me think it’s getting smaller. That is hopefull thinking. They proceed with a longer scan than originally talked about.

Without my family, crew this place would really suck.

All for now,
God Bless

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