Great day

Today worked out great. I woke up in my own bed, I worked hard, ate right, worked out, played with kids, read books and admired the wife. Tonight I will go back and sleep in my bed. Good stuff.

I have been labeled a fall risk with my tumor issue. The doctor at MD Anderson wrote me a script for crutches. I’m guessing they have to do that for insurances purposes.  They also said I could not go out and bicycle ride.  Bicycling is a comfort. Aside from using an elliptical rider the bicycle does not hurt to use. I feel very natural on it and love the workout. So I had to bring the bike fun indoors.


So my new go anywhere bicycle is now locked down like a chained up dog. Its not the same as the freedom of the road but if you turn the ceiling fan on high you can imagine the wind in your hair is due to your pedaling speed.  I setup in the home office and put on a Paleo YouTube channel.

So I was happy to get a workout in today. I cut off any calorie intake at 8pm and will be in bed by 12:00.  This is new and it is working well.

Hope you also had a good day,

God is great!

Derrick Perrin

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4 observations on “Great day
  1. Cindy Hentrich

    You are doing great, but I think you should be getting at least 8 hrs of sleep a night. Are you getting that? Remember our bodies regenerate when we sleep so we can fight off things like disease. i.e. cancer

    Keep up the good diet. Go easy on the meat tho. Hit those veggies hard, esp. the cruciferous ones. They fight cancer!

    1. deeperrin

      I do great till I need to visit a doctor and have to hit the road by 5am. Meet is off the table unless its Sockeye Salmon and its in small portions at that. The diet has been mostly greens and berries for the last 10 days. I’m losing a lot of weight on that diet plan and will be beefing up on some nuts and a few select grains.

      Sleep is a wonderful thing.

  2. Cindy Hentrich

    That sounds great Derrick, but don’t over do the nuts, b/c they are high in Omega 6 which can cause inflammation. Do some research on Organic Red Palm Oil. It has to be “Red” tho, the other palm oils are not good for you.