Hurdles and tripwires

Hurry up and wait is the name of the game

So a week ago I get the word I have a tumor in my right hip. We swallow that information down and rally together to take on the world. When I had the tumor biopsied last week and the word on the street was Wednesday was the day to find out what type of tumor it was. I had been given 3 options and none of them were particularly pleasant. So after a whirlwind day of completing projects and chores and various other items we got a few hours sleep and headed into Houston to find results and what can be done now.

From the few days before to the minutes and seconds it takes you to walk into the office the same things are on your mind:

What is it, How do we get rid of it, and What must I do so it never comes back?

After a short consultation, if you can call it that, with the doctor we found out the biopsy results had not come back. We were no closer to an answer than when we left the facility last Friday. There was just a huge sinking feeling in the room quickly replaced by anger. Why did we come all this way? Why did family take off work? Why are our little munchkins tormenting out brother and sister-in-law’s house for no apparent reason? I taking that it’s just God’s way of rubbing us a bit raw so we can become stronger to get over anything.

So where do we go from here

Monday I will have blood work done at the Sebring Clinic – Dr. Lane Sebring, MD. This will start to tell me what to do and what my work great for my blood type. When we do get the results back from MD Anderson that will be by phone.

Sorry that there is not more information at this point. We would have really liked to be on a schedule or at least know what type we are dealing with.
We appreciate the continued prayers and messages. They really help!
Derrick Perrin

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8 observations on “Hurdles and tripwires
  1. Pamela Landers

    Derrick ~ Sometime “hurry up and wait” is the hardest the thing to do as fear rears its ugly head when we have too much time on our hands! Fear is simply being afraid of the unknown and it is quite the opposite of faith. Don’t allow fear to creep in! Keep the faith! Love your treehouse/fort. Spend some time in there thanking God in advance for your healing. Shoot ’em up cowboy! Continued prayers for all…. Love from The Phillips/Landers

  2. Michelle

    Still praying. Thank you for allowing us to hear and read the updates. We love you guys and are blessed to support you in any and every way we can.

  3. Carolyn Lavender

    We are thinking of you and your family and praying that everything goes well. We live south of Houston, probably about 45 minutes from MD Anderson. If you and/or your family needs a place to stay, we would like to invite you. Wishing you the very best. Great Aunt Carolyn (Cobb) Lavender (Wayne’s sister)