Steve Jobs never had a Leapfrog growing up

Lets teach our kids to think with the tools that great leaders and thinkers grew-up with.
Each year children are inundated with cheep electronic toys that promise to teach then how to read and be smart little boys and girls. You feel like if you surround your kid with leepfrog toys your kid will increase their IQ and find an acceptance letter to MIT in the box. I have always been one for simpler times when it comes to educating kiddos.
Right before graduating highschool I went to my grandfathers house to type a letter on his computer. This letter was going off to a college basketball coach and I wanted to make it good. After taking a look at, it my simple 1 room school house educated grandfather from the 1930’s, tore it a new one. I know I was young and dumb at 18 but I was blown away by his English editing capabilities. The man made me sound smart and I was proud to have him there.
Years later after having children of my own I start to reflect on the best way to raise them up right. Education seems to have splintered into electronics, electronics, and more electronics. I don’t like this. Looking back on the folks who raised and educate me I find folks that didn’t learn from electronics and they were brilliant.
So I reflect back on my title “Steve Jobs never had a Leapfrog growing up” neither did Michael Dell, Bill Gates or Barack Obama. So the last guy has a smart label and we are waiting to see his legacy in time. Lets look back and figure out what basic tools some of the bright minds of our time had when they were growing up. Those toys they had are the ones I want in my kids life’s. We don’t need no stinking leepfrog readers or iPads to fuel creativity and enlightenment.

I'm Derrick Perrin and I support this message! Thanks for reading and comment or post if you have time.