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Derrick Builds – Do It yourself projects

For years I took things apart. A lot of those things never made it back together. These were not a total loss they were educational opportunities. After all those years of destroying things I’m now in the mode of building. Woodworking had always been a hobby of mine. I’m a big fan of the http://makezine.com/ Its a site that combines electronics and machining into great project you can do yourself. Post cancer treatments I have found a therapeutic value to tinkering in the shop. You get the idea that I’m not going to be around forever, but some of the things I build can last a lot longer than I.Igus motorized slider by Derrick Perrin

Video slider parts by Igus

Igus leaner bearing slide rails. 20-80mm and a 10-80mm rails.

I have been working on a linear slider for my video camera for a few years now. I built a big one with Igus 20-80mm rail. That one was over 5 feet long and worked beautiful. I put motors on it with the help of www.servocity.com
After years of lugging the big slider around I found myself using smaller and smaller cameras. The smaller camera means I can run a lighter rail.
Sony FS-100 sitting on a Igus zaza slider setup
I’m also starting a you-tube channel for my efforts. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXcmnenbqTYlGeuacWldyQ Please head over to my page and subscribe. The next plan is to build a CNC cutting machine for plywood. View this video to see what I want to build:

Let me know if you want to help out with cost and I will build you something in return.

Video update – Md Anderson update 10.09.2014

Two solid work days

The past two days have been great.. Two full days of video production work. It feels normal for once around here.

On Tuesday the Big Box Pro crew was out shooting an apartment complex commercial and today we were in San Antonio at a doctor’s office for a shoot. Since I had the gear all setup I chose to shoot my daily cancer update on the pro gear. Enjoy.

I look tired here due to lack of sleep. Tonight I will be back to 8+ hours of good sleeping. I have that scheduled for the next couple of days.

Here are a few photos from the apartment video shoot on Tuesday. We were running a three man crew. Pablo snapped some shots while Jeff and Derrick shot.

Sony FS-100 video shoot with Derrick Perrin and Jeff Durrwachter

Derrick Perrin and Jeff Durrwachter run the Sony FS-100

LED light on location at a video shoot.

Jeff Durrwachter tries to high 5 a tv light

Thanks to my guys working so hard and making the back to back shooting days such a success.


Depositions Today

When shooting video in a small market variety is a good thing. Deposition video setup
We were blessed to have a day and a half of legal depositions on the books today.

Law work today and a big wedding this weekend.