Schisandra Berries for Tea

One of the people outside of my family who has really been helping me with this cancer issue is Paula Wyatt. She happens to be our greatest client over the last 10 years. When I stopped in to visit her last week she offered up all the super food she had on hand. This included nuts and berries from all over the world. She has had cancer in the last few years and does a lot of research and nutrition work to make sure she never has it again.


Everything was great on taste buds but one berrie bag. Bad potpourri is the best way to describe the scent. Extremely bitter is the taste. After reading the health stats and benefits I figured there had to be a way to add this super food to the diet. Eating was just not an option. Someone mentioned making a tea and that worked out to be a great idea.


Here is the process. I heat a cup of water while a add a 1/2 cup of cold water to a spoon full of berries in my blended. A few pulses splits the berries and makes for quicker brewing. The mix gets poured into the hot water and steps for a few minutes.


Most of the particular stays on the bottom but strain it off if you don’t want to swallow the floaters.

Next week I’m going to try to mix it with mint and see if I can improve upon what we have here.

Take care
Derrick Perrin.