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Hardrock company photo

New Bicycle – Hardrock Sport

Hardrock company photo

Specialized Bikes – Hardrock Sport 2014

I stopped off and picked up a 2014 Specialized Hardrock sport on 29in rims yesterday. I found the folks at Concho Bike Shop very helpful. On my first day I put 18 miles on it. Day 2 brought another 16 road miles.

We are on a little vacation so I have time to read the little red manual that came with my bicycle.
I found a few nuggets to laugh at:
Standover height – “…and bounce vigorously on your heels. If your crotch touches the frams, the bike is too big for you.”
Riding Safety “Remember that a bicycle always loses in a collision with a motor vehicle….” & “Never ride your bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs”
Night Riding – Well this chapter ends up being about riding when the sun goes down and not about riding in a car with a cool computer personality.
If your bicycle sustains an impact “First, check yourself for injuries, and take care of them as best you can. Next, check your bike for damage” – Really folks? Are there people who love their bike more than themselves?
Enjoy the ride – Derrick Perrin

Stolen Bicycle – Specialized Hardrock Comp

After cleaning out my garage I left my 2005 HARDROCK COMP DISC bicycle next to my front door. I bought this bike from the Pedal bicycle shop in Corpus Christi on 09/30/2005. Someone took it from my property and I was crushed. That was my first new bike since I was in middle-school and I really liked it. When I worked in downtown Corpus Christi I would keep it at my office and ride around during breaks.

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

It was this color and configuration.

A tall person can ride a short bike but a short person could not fit on this tall bike. I’m sure the thief just saw something bright and shiny and made it their own. I would like that thief to bring my bike back to me.
2005 Hard Rock
Here is another image of the style of bike.