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Mountain Bike Ride San Angelo State Park

The San Angelo State Park has a great network of biking trails. This video is an introduction to the 6 mile loop. This mountain bike trail starts near the south entrance of the park.

Hardrock company photo

Mountain Bike Ride San Angelo State Park video produced by Derrick Perrin of Big Box Pro.

San Angelo - Map My Ride

1st Bicycle Ride

Years ago my mountain bike went missing from my front porch. I miss that bike. It was a large frame bike for a big body boy.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m back on a bike. Friday Grason and I test road a few bikes at Corpus bike shops. It was great to be riding even if it was just around the parking lot. My hip doesn’t hurt while riding so this is a good thing.

We are in San Angelo right now and my father inlaw was nice enough to let me ride his new mountain bike. After 6 miles on the road I had a flat  front tire.

I walked the bike to the auto part store and bought some slime and a pump. Next, I buzzed to china-mart and grabbed a new tube and a snickers bar.

Well after my tail bone was soar I kept riding and completed my 16.39 mile ride.

No one was riding with me, there were no time trials, but this was a victory. Since December my hip has been off and on. I was happy to discover my body was feeling great after a 16 mile ride. I hope to hit the trail soon. I’m also in the market for a new XL bicycle.

I will post about my bicycling companion app “Map My Ride” after a few rides.