When Kendra and I were first married she quit school teaching to be a videographer/editor. As the years have gone on the number of kids we have has grown. Kendra is an amazing mother and wife and her duties with the company have declined over the years. I miss her being there working with the clients and making me smile. On Saturday we had the opportunity to work a wedding together and I’m happy she was there with me.

Ranch at San Patricio - Driftwood wedding chapel

Ranch at San Patricio – Driftwood wedding chapel

Kendra is on a 100 years of happiness campaign and I’m happy to announce I made it to day #19. We are not big selfie people, but we had fun creating this one.
Love sign with Kendra and Derrick

Kendra & Derrick & Love

I had a great time working with Kendra and we enjoyed a date at McDonald’s afterward. Sure McDs is not the most romantic place to be, but out on a date with the wife is always a great place to be.