Don’t be a wussy dad

Would you wear your wife’s shoes? How about her bra? No I didn’t think so. Then why in the hell would you wear your wife’s kids carrier? If it is because some ladies think its sexy then you have a problem. You know what your wife thinks is sexy? Your wife likes it when you lessen her load. Take the kid and bear the weight.
When our first child was born we looked at picking up a backpacking kid carrier. Too much for a family trying to make it in the free lance video production world. Kid 2 and still not kid pack. We did have the Target bought mommy pack and I tried putting our kid in it. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m crushing my kid. It doesn’t feel safe to have my kid in the carrier and on my body.

dp kelty pathfinder 3

Christmas 2015

We purchased a Kelty Pathfinder kid carrier. I’m extremely happy with this product. The build is great and tough. My kid loves it. I once had a dog that would bring her leash to me and drop it at my feet. With out talking I get the message, hey lets go for a walk. My daughter sends me the same message but in her own way.  When at home my daughter will setup the pack and climb in.

kid in pathfinder with sun shade - kelty

Happy on the trail

The pack can hold the little one and about 15 more pounds. It feels great on my body and I feel like that it holds her perfeclyt. I’m impressed Kelty made a product that adjusts so well to the adult and also to the kid who is riding along. I have a 6’5″ frame and feel very comfortable wearing this pack. With a flip of a Velcro patch and pull of a pin the pack goes from my back to my wife’s. When its time to stop and take a break you can stand the pack on its own. Baby can eat and drink from the stand alone position.


Night night sleep tight

When I’m doing all the work on the trail I can work up a thirst. The Pathfinder has a place for a bladder and drinking tube throughput. When little one gets tired she racks out and gets rest. She sleeps safe and sound locked in the pack. Thanks again to the folks over at Kelty for making great gear to keep my little one safe out on the trail or on the hike around town.
PS I do change diapers and I don’t have a pink girly diaper bag. Stand up for yourself men. Go be a manly dad.

pathdinder kid smile