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Fresh Coffee is Good

Coffee, Is it good for you or is it evil? Well that just depends on who you talk to. Like everything too much of a good think will be bad for you. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach and don’t drink crappy coffee.

So after watching a few online videos Kendra and I got really interested in fresh coffee. Were not talking freshly ground, we are talking freshly roasted coffee. We watched some clips that were very informative. I could write out a lot of facts and bullet points here but its best if you watch

So that got us going on finding a local supplier who could roast green coffee and deliver 24 hour fresh roasted beans. We found a guy who roasted in his apartment and we were hooked. Sure it cost more than the “dead” coffee we bought at the local grocery store. We looked at the pros and cons and freshly roasted coffee beat the low cost vacuum sealed bags from the grocery.

We found our local coffee connection was on a break and we needed a new source for fresh roasted goods. So while sitting for chemotherapy treatments at MD Anderson I made it my personal mission to find a roaster in Houston, Texas. I did and their name is Java Pura. You can find their website at : http://www.javapura.com/
We bought some today and will be roasting it tomorrow.

JAVA PURA featured on FOX 26 Morning News from SKYLINE MOVEMENT on Vimeo.

If you are digging coffee videos here is a good one about Bicycle Coffee

Drink happy,

Derrick Perrin

Great M.D. Anderson Trip

Hey there fans!

Thanks again for all your support. On Thursday I went to Wimberley, Texas and met an amazing doctor who has us taking our green smoothie diet and super charged it to the max. Let me put it in perspective. I have done anything to get away from Broccoli for the past 32 years. Today I put some in my breakfast smoothie. So after getting out of his office we changed plans (we have been doing a lot of that lately). We got the call from M.D. Anderson that everything started at 7:00am and went from there.

Blood work was then followed up with a needle biopsy. That is the process of using a needle to remove some effected bone. That bone would be ass bone. Everyone at the hospital was great and if they liked my jokes and sarcasm or not they laughed and shared great smiles.  Andy Peal also showed up to push my wheelchair around. Thanks for being there man. You have always been family.

Andy Peal helping out



Wednesday is the day

We will be going back to Houston and talking with the doctors and finding out what this hip limp is all about. Its simply amazing that I got into M.D. Anderson on day cancer day 3.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I know there are a lot of you who have offered a lot. We thank you for all that. We have more than we need right now, but you will be needed in the future.

Derrick Perrin