“I’ve got a long way to get before I get back home” – Bob Schneider just played as I’m writing. Sounds like a great way to start this blog about my life.

Today I’m trying to complete a few video projects and decide what and how to work-over the office edit bay.

video edit bay

Edit bay at the home office

I closed in my outdoor patio last summer and have been working in this shell. Its great to be able to crank out projects and be close to the family. My big blowout window faces the backyard. The backyard has a large tree-house and swing-set I watch the kids play on why I edit. This edit bay is very functional but looks like hell. So that is one of my projects this week. I must find a plan and the energy to complete the little studio at the home.

Here is a look at the main studio office I work in.

Theater room at Big Box Pro

Office at Big Box Pro

That is it for now.