So this passed week the hair on the top of my head started to fall out. You might have seen the post and the video where I shaved it off before it fell out in patches. This week will be when I go from some hair to no hair. My eyebrows are now starting to fall like the autumn leaves.

Derrick Perrin eyes wide open

Derrick Perrin with open eyes

My hair loss was really strange. I knew from the time I talked with my oncologist that I would be hit with some really strong chemotherapy. Due to my age they put me on high octane chemo. EPOCH+R or R-EPOCH is my chemotherapy of choice. Last week I felt some tingling associated with my hair follicles. Three days after the tingle I was out in my garage shaving them off. Three days ago I felt the same thing with my eyebrows and today with a mild pull and no pain I can get the hair to come right out.
MD Anderson has classes on how to paint on eyebrows and choosing the right wig. I think I might go to the “Groucho Marx” school of makeup.

I’m guessing spreading some super glue to my last few hairs wont make them say and look good? I really feel for the women I see around who are bald. They work so hard a beauty and advertising would make you think flowing hair is your key to Saint Peter’s gates, but its not. It is temporary and if this shit doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger.

I can’t wait till all my other hair falls out and I will go to Halloween as an Olympic swimmer.

Well that is it for now. If you want to find me just follow the track of hairs left behind.