video edit bay

Number 1

“I’ve got a long way to get before I get back home” – Bob Schneider just played as I’m writing. Sounds like a great way to start this blog about my life.

Today I’m trying to complete a few video projects and decide what and how to work-over the office edit bay.

video edit bay

Edit bay at the home office

I closed in my outdoor patio last summer and have been working in this shell. Its great to be able to crank out projects and be close to the family. My big blowout window faces the backyard. The backyard has a large tree-house and swing-set I watch the kids play on why I edit. This edit bay is very functional but looks like hell. So that is one of my projects this week. I must find a plan and the energy to complete the little studio at the home.

Here is a look at the main studio office I work in.

Theater room at Big Box Pro

Office at Big Box Pro

That is it for now.

Derrick Perrin with video camera in Big Bend

Derrick Perrin here, Hi

Derrick Perrin here. Starting up a new blog to step away from other popular social media conglomerates.

Over the last few years I have setup and ran blogs for my own business and a hired hand to help other small businesses get sites and information out to their customers.  This will be a journey for me. I cant spell for shit and really don’t care where commas go. I’m blessed/cursed with plenty of sarcasm to go around and like to share funny stories. Thanks for taking time to take a look at me and my ramblings.  -Derrick

AeroPress out camping

Aerobie® AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker

The Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee – Espresso Maker is my friend.

On my 36th birthday I received an Areopress coffee maker. Kendra, I thank you for this little kitchen gem.

AeroPress by aerobie

AeroPress by aerobie

Dollar for dollar this is the best coffee machined I have ever owned.
Derrick Perrin makes AreoPress Espresso

Cons –

  • Must heat water before using
  • Proprietary filter – can be replaced with a metal washable one for a fee
  • Uses 2x more coffee than a drip system

Pros –

  • Great tasting coffee
  • Travels well on camping trips
  • Really good tasting coffee treats

If you have a chance I would try one out. I have started giving these as gifts because I like the product so much.

AeroPress out camping

AeroPress in action while camping in west Texas

So there you have it… espresso pressed coffee right there where you are. If you are a big time “Franchise Coffee” buyer and you want to save a buck on your coffee treats you might want to connect with this little press.

Stolen Bicycle – Specialized Hardrock Comp

After cleaning out my garage I left my 2005 HARDROCK COMP DISC bicycle next to my front door. I bought this bike from the Pedal bicycle shop in Corpus Christi on 09/30/2005. Someone took it from my property and I was crushed. That was my first new bike since I was in middle-school and I really liked it. When I worked in downtown Corpus Christi I would keep it at my office and ride around during breaks.

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

My bike in its rack, downtown Corpus Christi

It was this color and configuration.

A tall person can ride a short bike but a short person could not fit on this tall bike. I’m sure the thief just saw something bright and shiny and made it their own. I would like that thief to bring my bike back to me.
2005 Hard Rock
Here is another image of the style of bike.