I like to ride mountain bikes. I like to hike in the woods. I like to camp in the wilderness. Add all these likes together and you have Bikepacking. My first bikepacking event was the Arizona Trail 300 or AZT300 for short.

AZT300 Canelo Pass trail sign

Derrick Perrin Canelo Pass Trail-head

Here I share links to my planning for bike packing the Arizona Trail, my trail report and other tidbits of mountain biking fun.

Bike Packing Gear

AZT300 - Derrick Perrin - Bike Gear

Bike Packing Gear List

In this post I share all the gear I packed on my rookie run of the trail.

ocotillo plant - 2015 Camber by Specialized

In April 2017 I found myself back on the Arizona trail riding in the AZT300. This was my 2nd year to be attempting the course. I managed completing the journey in 8 days and some change. That put me in the record books as the slowest funnier on record. Since finishing was the goal, I’m satisfied.

2016 Ride

Arizona Trail Sign

To read my 2016 Trail report from the AZT300 visit http://wp.me/p4Mndo-k2