Videotape transfers from VHS to digital

Tuloso-Midway boys basketball 1990

This page will be a catalog of sports videotapes transferred to digital. Most of the original tapes are in the VHS format.

  • Tuloso-Midway vs San Antonio South Side

    1993 Playoff basketball game

  • Ham Radio / Video

    Since high school, I have been into radio scanning. in 1996 I bought a study guide for ham radio. I believe it was the “No-Code” edition from Radio Shack. That is the test change that let non-morse code kids get a ham ticket. It took me 21 years and Hurricane Harvey to get serious about […]

  • Ham Radio Field Day 2021

    My first Crack At Field Day After a hurricane his south Texas in 2017, a lot of folks broke out their books and studied up to be an armature radio operator. I was one of those folks. After acquiring a few pieces of gear and mounting an antenna on the house I was all set. […]


    2020 April Meteor Shower

  • Protected: CV-19 Videos To Watch

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