Depositions Today

When shooting video in a small market variety is a good thing. Deposition video setup
We were blessed to have a day and a half of legal depositions on the books today.

Law work today and a big wedding this weekend.

New glasses

On the 4th of July weekend I dumped my old glasses in Lake Corpus Christi. They did not float when they splashed.

New Glasses on Derrick Perrin

Derrick Perrin – Glasses

Lost some and got some new ones. I started to go to Stanton Optical and had a bad result. The optometrist in the complex was great. The lab was broken and could not make lenses today. I hopped over to Visionworks because they were able to take care of me before. They did a good job and got it done today.

Thanks vision folks.

Steve Jobs never had a Leapfrog growing up

Lets teach our kids to think with the tools that great leaders and thinkers grew-up with.
Each year children are inundated with cheep electronic toys that promise to teach then how to read and be smart little boys and girls. You feel like if you surround your kid with leepfrog toys your kid will increase their IQ and find an acceptance letter to MIT in the box. I have always been one for simpler times when it comes to educating kiddos.
Right before graduating highschool I went to my grandfathers house to type a letter on his computer. This letter was going off to a college basketball coach and I wanted to make it good. After taking a look at, it my simple 1 room school house educated grandfather from the 1930’s, tore it a new one. I know I was young and dumb at 18 but I was blown away by his English editing capabilities. The man made me sound smart and I was proud to have him there.
Years later after having children of my own I start to reflect on the best way to raise them up right. Education seems to have splintered into electronics, electronics, and more electronics. I don’t like this. Looking back on the folks who raised and educate me I find folks that didn’t learn from electronics and they were brilliant.
So I reflect back on my title “Steve Jobs never had a Leapfrog growing up” neither did Michael Dell, Bill Gates or Barack Obama. So the last guy has a smart label and we are waiting to see his legacy in time. Lets look back and figure out what basic tools some of the bright minds of our time had when they were growing up. Those toys they had are the ones I want in my kids life’s. We don’t need no stinking leepfrog readers or iPads to fuel creativity and enlightenment.

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July. We spent the time out at my folks lake house visiting and playing in the lake.

Kendra and I talked about the irony involved into shutting down work to celebrate the toughest battle our country has every one. We be like, “We want to sit back drink beer and celebrate others hard work.”

This was the smallest group at my folks lake house in the 10 years they have owned it. Although small we had a great time with the family.

Hardrock company photo

Late night bike ride

Bike map from Map my ride

Bike map from Map my ride

Had a long, windy, bike ride this morning. I averaged 11 miles per hour into a 15 mile per hour wind. Time to stretch it out and grab a bite before starting the next work session.

Business Card History

This week I have been working to sell off some old books. I have been using and have been having some good results. While thumbing the pages of a book I came across an original Big Box Pro business card. Here it is in all its glory:

It that point the business was still ran out of the home office (the room I grew-up in at my parents house).
Its been fun over the years and we do a lot more video than we do audio but we still love the work.

Have a good one – Derrick

Love sign with Kendra and Derrick

Wedding event- Ranch at San Patricio

When Kendra and I were first married she quit school teaching to be a videographer/editor. As the years have gone on the number of kids we have has grown. Kendra is an amazing mother and wife and her duties with the company have declined over the years. I miss her being there working with the clients and making me smile. On Saturday we had the opportunity to work a wedding together and I’m happy she was there with me.

Ranch at San Patricio - Driftwood wedding chapel

Ranch at San Patricio – Driftwood wedding chapel

Kendra is on a 100 years of happiness campaign and I’m happy to announce I made it to day #19. We are not big selfie people, but we had fun creating this one.
Love sign with Kendra and Derrick

Kendra & Derrick & Love

I had a great time working with Kendra and we enjoyed a date at McDonald’s afterward. Sure McDs is not the most romantic place to be, but out on a date with the wife is always a great place to be.

The Blanco Lavender Festival – 2014

The last few years we have tried our best to make it to Blanco, Texas during their Lavender Festival. Sometimes we make it for a few hours, sometimes none at all but we love it when we get to spend a full day there. 2014 was a good year for the Perrin Family. We had plenty of time to pick and play in the lavender field. Here is a selection of photos from this years trip.

The Blanco Lavender Festival is put on by the Blanco Chamber of Commerce. Next years festival will be on June 12 – 14th 2015.
We hope to see you there.

Hardrock company photo

New Bicycle – Hardrock Sport

Hardrock company photo

Specialized Bikes – Hardrock Sport 2014

I stopped off and picked up a 2014 Specialized Hardrock sport on 29in rims yesterday. I found the folks at Concho Bike Shop very helpful. On my first day I put 18 miles on it. Day 2 brought another 16 road miles.

We are on a little vacation so I have time to read the little red manual that came with my bicycle.
I found a few nuggets to laugh at:
Standover height – “…and bounce vigorously on your heels. If your crotch touches the frams, the bike is too big for you.”
Riding Safety “Remember that a bicycle always loses in a collision with a motor vehicle….” & “Never ride your bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs”
Night Riding – Well this chapter ends up being about riding when the sun goes down and not about riding in a car with a cool computer personality.
If your bicycle sustains an impact “First, check yourself for injuries, and take care of them as best you can. Next, check your bike for damage” – Really folks? Are there people who love their bike more than themselves?
Enjoy the ride – Derrick Perrin

Ride of a lifetime – Bycicle

I had a unique idea pop into my head after watching a bike documentary about riders tackling the great divide.

Bike roadmap from Corpus Christi to Valentine Texas

Corpus Christi to Valentine, TX. 571 miles on a bike.

I’m kicking around the concept of riding my bicycle from Corpus Christi to my land outside of Valentine, TX. The basic numbers make it a 7 day ride to get there. 2 days will be spent Lying dead on my property and then 7 days back.
wow, now that I have written that down and read it a few times it sounds crazy. My wife has been in support of this concept and said she will ride as my support team. I love her but think I could never repay her for the sacrifice.

So there you have it the basic idea of a bike-packing trip. For better or worse I still think it would be a great trip. America ByCycle is a resource that has been entertaining and informative. I would suggest you check them out.