Child chalkboard art in out kitchen.

Kitchen Chalkboard is open for business – DIY

Kitchen progress – update on DIY Chalkboard

This year we have been working to freshen up the kitchen cabinets. Sure starting a home improvement project with a 1 month and a 2 year old is one of the worst ideas I have come up with, but the end product is coming out well. The progress is slow, but we are almost done.

Okay now that the kids are busy with their new chalkboard I will get back to painting door and drawer fronts. I will post an update once its up and looking how we want it to.

Thanks for watching

-Derrick Perrin

Foam the home office

In August of 2013 I decided it would be better for the family and for the business if I had an edit place in our home. So I stole out back patio and closed it up.




So without a load bearing wall Grason and I busted away the brick columns and put in 2×6 studs in. Two new windows and a door completed my little 6.5 x 12 foot work cave. I roughed it all in and setup shop before It was completed properly.

Jump to August 2014

After working in it for a year I decided to take it from rough Sheetrock to completed audio/video studio work spot.wpid-20140803_221253.jpg

Years ago when I moved Big Box Pro out of my folks house and into a proper office building I teamed up with Michael Fuentes. We shared 300sf of office space in the Oil Industry building – Downtown Corpus Christi.


Big Box Pro 2004ish


Big Box Pro 2013


Corpus Christi, Oil Industry building

Over the years we had accumulated a lot of Auralex Acoustic Foam. This year he upgraded his studio and donated the foam to my new home/studio/office/suite/jam-room.
Auralex Foam
So the slow process is moving on. I’m really liking the way the room is coming out. The cedar bead board angled ceiling came out really nice. I will try to post new photos when I get all of the Auralex foam on the walls. Its a slow process of cutting and fitting each and every piece for a tight fit.

Audix PM-5, Audio Monitor speaker in a home studio

Audix PM-5 with Auralex acoustic foam.

Thanks for reading and come buy to listen to your favorite cd or record anytime.

Public vs Private in Corpus Christi

Help! our public landscaping in Corpus Christi makes out town look like crap.

Public Landscape work in Corpus Christi, Texas

I don’t think Mesquite was a part of the original landscape plan.

When I travel I’m reminded how public services can work. Last week I had the privilege to work in McAllen, Texas. Despite sharing a boarder with a third world country McAllen has always been a very clean city. One of my buddies spent last weekend in McAllen and also came back impressed with this south Texas town. Next time you are in town compare the food, shopping and cleanliness.
Last week I really admired the landscaping and how sharp US-83 looked. While driving in Corpus Christi today I noticed how crappy our landscaping looked on South Padre Island Drive.

We can be better than this Corpus Christi. Right?

This is a vast contrast to what I saw in McAllen last week. The streets were clean and the landscaping looked as if it was done by a private company and not the municipal yard services. Clearly a good looking city can be done. I know there are folks in Corpus Christi who can pull this off because when I looked in the opposite direction of the mesquite tree growing on SPID and I saw Moore Plaza. The landscape beds had groomed oak trees and freshly turned mulch.
Private Landscape work on SPID in Corpus Christi Texas

So take a look and ask yourself why our city doesn’t take care of what it has before it tries to build something else?

Please Corpus Christi lets take care of the things we have spent money on before we choose to build something else that will look great when we open it and then decay due to lack of maintenance.

Work at the Rio Grande

This week I’m working a media event shoot for Australian Public TV. Today we are in McAllen and Rio Grande City, Texas.




Bicycle fix


Today I had a little time to sit down and work on my bicycle. Last week 2 miles into a 22 mile ride I lost the function of my two smalleat chainrings. This sucked. It took my 24 speed and made it an 8. My middle chainring was bent and I had to be replaced.

I had an assistant today.


Benjamin helped turn the wrench and straighten my ring. Now that my chainring set is back in order I find my derailer has a bent screw. I now have a 16 speed bike and Benjamin knows how to disassemble a crank and chainring setup.

Off to ride

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Love sign with Kendra and Derrick

Kendra & Derrick & Love

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The serious kid


Benjamin posing for a quick shot this morning.

This is the end production of how it always works out. I grab the camera because one of the kids are pulling off something super cute or adorable. Once the camera app opens and I try to get the get the shot, the supet cute left the kid. So here you have cute without the super.

Enjoy your Sunday

Dream House

Well there is a house forsale on Lakeview drive. Lakeview drive happens to sit next to Lakeview park but not one person can find the lake.


This is one of 2 homes for sale today. This one sits on 1.5 acres and is a total dump. Looking inside you can see the owner looked to flip the house but it looks like they flopped.


The hardwood flooring and the open floor plan is the only thing this place has going for it.


The asking price is a negotiable $159,000. A bit high if you ask me. I would love to have the big yard that comes with this property.


Almost forgot about the garage workshop outbuilding. Sure its ugly but its a great thing going for this lot.

Mama needs a new tube

Old rim needs new tube.
After a few weeks with my new bike I got interested in an old bike I left out at my folks house. The bike is a Trek 800 mountain bike. I bought it from a Corpus Christi pawn shop back in 2005. It was a bargain at $65. Well that was the case till I found out it needed a $35 tuneup and it had a slightly bent rim. The folks at The Pedal Bicycle Shop also laughed at me when I professed it was indeed my bike. I asked why and that started my first leson on bicycles frame size. I rode it for a few paychecks and then upgraded to a Specialized Hardrock Comp Disk 26er.

Kendra had a bike for a while and it hurt her knee to ride. After a size check it we determined it was a bad fit. So that bike was donated to the neighbor’s house. Years back Kendra rode the Trek and loved how it made her leg feel. We did nothing but store it at my folks lake house. With the kids starting their bike ridding adventure I pulled the Terk out of its dusty grave and will be tuning it up today. One major issue is a valve wont close on one of the tubes. This is no surprise. The tubes are 9 years old.
Well off to buy some new tubes and get Kendra out riding with me and the boys. Bicycle-  trek 800 sport

Viva Selena

May 1995 put me in San Antonio, Texas. I was there as a sophomore in high school participating in the annual Spanish club convention. Sure it was a bit different than my typical after school activity, but it was a day away from school and some cash for lunch each day.
Our bus had arrived at the historic Emily Morgan Hotel. Its a fancy place for a 17 year old kid. I recommend you stopping by sometime.
So one of the nights the kids were running around with a buzz containing “Selena” and a shooting. I was the person at the convention with the least amount of knowledge when it came to the Tejano Pop Princess.
The mood turned from buzz to bummer when the news hit she had passed away from the gunshot. We soon found out the shot came from her own fan club manager. If that lady’s job was to get more fans and make Selena popular then she needs a bonus for a job well done.
As the convention concludes all the kids got back home with a modern day “I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot”

It’s always a tragedy when someone passes away before their time.

Selena painting

Selena wall mural in Corpus Christi Texas

Many times folks ask “Why did this story come up” So here is the background of this post. The last two days I have been shooting video at a location next to the worst painting that was ever done of Selena. Once inside and setup for today’s video shoots we come across a lady who was pumped up about a trip this weekend to the Emily Morgan in San Antonio. So there are where the two lines crossed and pulled up the story from my high-school years.

If you are ever in Corpus Christi you can stop by her statue and her grave to take photos.