Photo of a Buffalo's DriveStation U35SHF3-AA USB 3.0 - SATA - Broken

Why we triple backup – Buffalo hard drives box break

Buffalo hard drives have been the choice for our data at work. When we started to buy their drives it was the only manufacture I could find that were assembling the boxes in Texas. Yes, we knew all the components were coming from China, but we liked the fact someone sitting in Austin, Texas was putting it all together and paying attention to the finishing touches. At that point the only drawback was the fact Buffalo Inc could not tell you what hard drive was in the enclosure. Some were Western Digital Green drives and others were Segate. Most were 5400 RPM some were 7200 RPM. All the tech guys I talked to let me know that W.D. Green drives suck. When I let them know I run triple backups and one of those is not a green drive the said, “that is great man.” So over a three to four years we have purchased 12 drives from Buffalo at our local Altex Electronics store.

This week 2 hard drive boxes have died – Bummer, but we have backups!

Buffalo's DriveStation hard drive # Model HD-LB2.0TU3 and 10 others stacked up. One is open and you can see the USB to SATA adapter.

10 plus Buffalo DriveStation hard drives in a row

After two years of buying Buffalo hard drives we noticed a change.  The company chose to have all the boxes put together in China.

Buffalo - Made in China
Buffalo also went with external USB 3.0 Micro B connection.


So over the last few years we have been a big fan of the computer hard drive company Buffalo. This week we are still proud owners of Buffalo Inc.’s drives. We are not happy that two of our external hard drive boxed have died. The electrical parts have failed. When this happens you can crack the case open and pull the drive.  One of our dead boxes lives inside out pc and the other is now handing out in a BlacX external drive bay.

BlacX 5G HDD Docking Station

So if we do the numbers of loosing 2 buffalo hard drives each week we will be cracking cases and saving drives for 6 weeks. Off to the net to look for a rack or bay that can hold a lot of drives.

-Derrick – feeling nerdy today. Happy to have backups of backups.

My town – Corpus Christi


San Antonio Video Shoot


#vscocam shot after my video shoot in San Antonio, Texas. Must get a bite to eat and head back to Corpus for an edit and the a crowd funding campaign shoot on Friday morning.

Wife Craft


Auralex Foam

Auralex Foam – DIY how to Video

This is a follow up video to my post from last week. We have made some progress on the Auralex foam install at the home project office studio and we wanted to share how we did it.

Thanks for watching.
-Derrick Perrin

Autopost – test post to facebook

autopost form

Child chalkboard art in out kitchen.

Kitchen Chalkboard is open for business – DIY

Kitchen progress – update on DIY Chalkboard

This year we have been working to freshen up the kitchen cabinets. Sure starting a home improvement project with a 1 month and a 2 year old is one of the worst ideas I have come up with, but the end product is coming out well. The progress is slow, but we are almost done.

Okay now that the kids are busy with their new chalkboard I will get back to painting door and drawer fronts. I will post an update once its up and looking how we want it to.

Thanks for watching

-Derrick Perrin

Foam the home office

In August of 2013 I decided it would be better for the family and for the business if I had an edit place in our home. So I stole out back patio and closed it up.




So without a load bearing wall Grason and I busted away the brick columns and put in 2×6 studs in. Two new windows and a door completed my little 6.5 x 12 foot work cave. I roughed it all in and setup shop before It was completed properly.

Jump to August 2014

After working in it for a year I decided to take it from rough Sheetrock to completed audio/video studio work spot.wpid-20140803_221253.jpg

Years ago when I moved Big Box Pro out of my folks house and into a proper office building I teamed up with Michael Fuentes. We shared 300sf of office space in the Oil Industry building – Downtown Corpus Christi.


Big Box Pro 2004ish


Big Box Pro 2013


Corpus Christi, Oil Industry building

Over the years we had accumulated a lot of Auralex Acoustic Foam. This year he upgraded his studio and donated the foam to my new home/studio/office/suite/jam-room.
Auralex Foam
So the slow process is moving on. I’m really liking the way the room is coming out. The cedar bead board angled ceiling came out really nice. I will try to post new photos when I get all of the Auralex foam on the walls. Its a slow process of cutting and fitting each and every piece for a tight fit.

Audix PM-5, Audio Monitor speaker in a home studio

Audix PM-5 with Auralex acoustic foam.

Thanks for reading and come buy to listen to your favorite cd or record anytime.

Public vs Private in Corpus Christi

Help! our public landscaping in Corpus Christi makes out town look like crap.

Public Landscape work in Corpus Christi, Texas

I don’t think Mesquite was a part of the original landscape plan.

When I travel I’m reminded how public services can work. Last week I had the privilege to work in McAllen, Texas. Despite sharing a boarder with a third world country McAllen has always been a very clean city. One of my buddies spent last weekend in McAllen and also came back impressed with this south Texas town. Next time you are in town compare the food, shopping and cleanliness.
Last week I really admired the landscaping and how sharp US-83 looked. While driving in Corpus Christi today I noticed how crappy our landscaping looked on South Padre Island Drive.

We can be better than this Corpus Christi. Right?

This is a vast contrast to what I saw in McAllen last week. The streets were clean and the landscaping looked as if it was done by a private company and not the municipal yard services. Clearly a good looking city can be done. I know there are folks in Corpus Christi who can pull this off because when I looked in the opposite direction of the mesquite tree growing on SPID and I saw Moore Plaza. The landscape beds had groomed oak trees and freshly turned mulch.
Private Landscape work on SPID in Corpus Christi Texas

So take a look and ask yourself why our city doesn’t take care of what it has before it tries to build something else?

Please Corpus Christi lets take care of the things we have spent money on before we choose to build something else that will look great when we open it and then decay due to lack of maintenance.

Work at the Rio Grande

This week I’m working a media event shoot for Australian Public TV. Today we are in McAllen and Rio Grande City, Texas.