Month: September 2014

Meet Sophie


Sophie – Our youngest of 3. This little one is getting mobile. At 9 months she is smaller than her brothers were at that point. This is good. She has a chance at being a normal sizes human being.
Kendra has been super woman lately. Today she asked if little miss Sophie could stick around when she takes the boys to martial arts class. Sure thing super wife.

Yesterday I received a lymphatic drainage message. This was a 1 hour setup. A message to the lymph system is gentle and a huge contrast to the popular deep tissue message method. It helped get my lymph system moving and brought down the inflammation in my hip. I would recomed anyone with a sinus or head cold issue to test out a 30 minute message and see how it works for you.
Sure I still have a fracture in my acetabulum but it is manageable when the inflammation has gone away. Today started with health raw foods and then a long hot soak in Epsom salt & a drop or two of Frankincense. Yea, like the gift brought to Christ’s birth. It is good stuff and has been used for a few thousand years.
Next stop on the health train is a smoothie. I have got to figure out this Chuck Norris total gym and workout my upper body.

Thanks for tuning in. More scans at MD Anderson this Friday. Results are due back Monday. Sweet Sophie hopes you have a great day. 

Super Dude – Grason


Meet Grason out 6 year old. He loves his Henry Bear (dressed in red short sitting in lap) and wearing super hero capes. This cape is a new one made by his Gramsy.

Each time we visit my Doctor in Wimberley we take time to enjoy the surroundings and swing on the rope.

It was a long day but a good day.

Anti Cancer


Kendra is reading this book and we are very impressed.  Dr. Servan-Schreiber address questions we have kicked around for the last year or so.
Two years ago I bought Kendra a Blend Tech blender for her birthday.  We started using it and really like it. A year into ownership we saw the documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. I immediately started whole jucing. Breakfast changed from cereals or eggs to blended green mush. In 8 months I went from 250 pounds to 225. Churning up smoothies enabled me to ingest vegetables I never thought I could eat.
Enter Cancer
So after our little Sophie was born in November 2013 I started having hip issues. The doctors could not pinpoint what it was until I had an MRI this August.
Diagnosis = Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. That is the trash collection system in your body. They say it is twice the size of your blood circulation system.  I don’t really know because I have never measured either system.
My lymph system is in overdrive and the number 1 cause is toxins in my body. Enter the greener than green smoothies. Everything this book says is good for me is being blended and helping me to cleanse my systems. So all organic and all sorts of veggies I have stayed away from my entire life. One day I will get back to smoothies that taste good, but for now these are medicinal in nature. My juice fast has brought me down to 196 pounds. I have not weighed this little since 1995.
My wife is awesome for me
I really appreciate Kendra tackling so much right now. We went shopping for more organic goods last night and I was amazes by her knowledge of how to get me well.
This is also my 2nd day without Advil. I slept great but have been reminded today my hip is jacked up. Tomorrow we travel for blood work I look forward to the road trip with my beautiful family.
Go Team

And the winner is


So that is the answer we should have had on Wednesday of this week. Good news is all the supplements and and veggies have been putting down are great for what I have.  Now that we have a diagnosed issue we can start to treat it.  We still don’t know if its non-Hodgkin’s or Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Thats all I got right now folks. I’m off to research and eat more vegetables. I have tossed away my taste-buds and eat for health. Health = time and time beats taste any day of the week.

So now when we are praying we asking to cure me of Lymphoma.

God bless,

Derrick Perrin

Great day

Today worked out great. I woke up in my own bed, I worked hard, ate right, worked out, played with kids, read books and admired the wife. Tonight I will go back and sleep in my bed. Good stuff.

I have been labeled a fall risk with my tumor issue. The doctor at MD Anderson wrote me a script for crutches. I’m guessing they have to do that for insurances purposes.  They also said I could not go out and bicycle ride.  Bicycling is a comfort. Aside from using an elliptical rider the bicycle does not hurt to use. I feel very natural on it and love the workout. So I had to bring the bike fun indoors.


So my new go anywhere bicycle is now locked down like a chained up dog. Its not the same as the freedom of the road but if you turn the ceiling fan on high you can imagine the wind in your hair is due to your pedaling speed.  I setup in the home office and put on a Paleo YouTube channel.

So I was happy to get a workout in today. I cut off any calorie intake at 8pm and will be in bed by 12:00.  This is new and it is working well.

Hope you also had a good day,

God is great!

Derrick Perrin

Blood Test

Test, test, 1,2,3…. is this thing working? With my recent medical scans and fanfare I have been poked and prodded quite a bit. The doctor who performed my biopsy tried to sooth my by telling me the needle was small and wouldn’t hurt much. I could care less. I told him “Hell buddy use a bigger one if it helps you out because pain is not the issue today its this tumor” Now is the time to put aside pain and problems. I just want answers. I want to know how to cure it and how to eat right.

The past week I have said good by to a number of unhealthy items in my diet. All meat is now organic. Same goes for vegetables.  I’m also taking out all wheat or products that contain gluten. Refined sugars are also far far away from my diet. In a quest to tune my diet for me and my blood type I’m searching for an in-depth look at what makes me tick. To make this happen I will be vising a lab in San Antonio called “ANY LAB TEST NOW® | San Antonio, TX
This will tell me what fruits and vegetables are best for me and the ones I need to stay away from. I have always thought I was allergic to broccoli and avocados. After the lab gets my blood they will tell me if I’m just being a sissy about eating great vegetables. I have a feeling I will be found wrong and I will bite the bullet or bite the broccoli soon.

Is what you are eating helping or hurting you?

That is what it all comes down to. Are the things I put into my body going to help me fight or fight my work. By eliminating allergens and processed crap from my diet I plan to continue the healing process the best I can.

Hurdles and tripwires

Hurry up and wait is the name of the game

So a week ago I get the word I have a tumor in my right hip. We swallow that information down and rally together to take on the world. When I had the tumor biopsied last week and the word on the street was Wednesday was the day to find out what type of tumor it was. I had been given 3 options and none of them were particularly pleasant. So after a whirlwind day of completing projects and chores and various other items we got a few hours sleep and headed into Houston to find results and what can be done now.

From the few days before to the minutes and seconds it takes you to walk into the office the same things are on your mind:

What is it, How do we get rid of it, and What must I do so it never comes back?

After a short consultation, if you can call it that, with the doctor we found out the biopsy results had not come back. We were no closer to an answer than when we left the facility last Friday. There was just a huge sinking feeling in the room quickly replaced by anger. Why did we come all this way? Why did family take off work? Why are our little munchkins tormenting out brother and sister-in-law’s house for no apparent reason? I taking that it’s just God’s way of rubbing us a bit raw so we can become stronger to get over anything.

So where do we go from here

Monday I will have blood work done at the Sebring Clinic – Dr. Lane Sebring, MD. This will start to tell me what to do and what my work great for my blood type. When we do get the results back from MD Anderson that will be by phone.

Sorry that there is not more information at this point. We would have really liked to be on a schedule or at least know what type we are dealing with.
We appreciate the continued prayers and messages. They really help!
Derrick Perrin